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Zinc & Magnesium Deficiecy and ZMA

it seems like most places i read they say that the general population has a defiency in zinc and magnesium. but for some reason the studies i have seen on zma says that it does not increase magnesium and zinc levels by any substantial amount, may this be because they use people that have required levels and those people are simply a minority?

or is zma pretty useless?

it is good to supplement ZMA. Make sure the type of magnesium in your supplement ends in -ate

It depends on the product and then it depends on the absorbtions level of the individual. As far as I know some people dont absorb either correctly or well. Mag levels are fleeting, some people can deplete them pretty easily. Zinc for other can be hard to absorb; hence why in Poliquins BioSig everyones zinc levels blow and almost can never be put back to normal.