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Zinc, Magnesium, and Sleep Walking?


Before bed I take 50mg of zinc and 400mg of Magnesium Asporotate and recently I have been sleep walking sometimes in the middle of the night with no recollection in the morning at all. We are talking getting up to take a piss, pissing, and then walking into the closet before I get back to bed. Or sitting up in bed like I'm going to go piss, sitting there for a min, and then laying back down. Or getting up walking to a corner and standing there silently. It's pretty creepy for me and especially my fiance who will wake up some times and watch me doing it.

I'm cutting the magnesium dose in half to see if that has any effect. Anyone else have any experiences like this?


If you dont remember doing it how do you know youre doing it? :wink:

Zinc usually helps combat sleepwalking as well as other sleep disorders.

Magnesium deficiency can actually cause sleep walking so its possibly you arent taking enough. Sounds strange I know but people usually start complaining of nightmares while taking mag which means they need to take even more.


if that's not enough supplemental magnesium then you might consider boron as it reduces magnesium excretion. or you could get tested, but seriously boron is very cheap and also has been shown to boost vit d status.


... and 50 mg is a large dose of zinc. You may not need that much. At that large a dose, it can potentially cause an increase in test. It would be best to take the zinc in the morning IMO.


I have never slept walked before this, and I always make it back to bed, haven't woke up anywhere strange. I know it is happening because my fiance tells me about it in the morning, if she didn't see it I would have no idea it was happening. Except last night I must have grabbed my glass of soda next to the bed and missed my mouth and put it back on the night stand, I woke up in the middle of the night in a puddle of coke zero. She gets freaked out by it because I have a easy 100lbs and she is afraid I'm going to have a violent dream.

More Mag? That sounds counter intuitive, isn't it the mag that puts you into a deep sleep, I figured it was too much mag and I'm not waking up.

50mg of zinc and 400mg of mag is the basic ZMA dosage, I didn't think 50mg of zinc was a lot.


50mg is not a lot. I would consider that a weak dose.
Im taking an educated guess at the more mag suggestion. When we suggest people take mag they report that they start dreaming (when before they were not) then they complain of nightmares which is an indication they need more because they are that deficient. It may not be putting you under enough. I was nervous about upping mymag dosage (because in most of the nightmares you kill people or are killed). To be on the safe side then lower the dosage and see what happens. You are kind of like Alice right now, one makes you grow taller and one makes you grow smaller.
Stop drinking soda.

I tried doing a google search for you but I recommend hitting that and pubmed and see whats out there. Everything says that these two elements correct such problems so Im thinking that you are so deficient you are starting to restore levels and this is you just shaking out the bugs.


If someone needs to supplement with more than 50mg zinc, there is a serious digestive issue.

Sure maybe he needs more magnesium, but MOST people wouldn't need that much. MAybe the OP does. There is little problem with taking more (besides loose stools), so by all means try more and see if that helps. Taking too much zinc for extended periods WILL have side effects.

What kind of magnesium are you taking? MORE IMPORTANTLY what magnesium rich foods do you currently consume?

How much would you suggest? How could you possibly know the nutrient needs of the OP without lab results? What expert or athlete do u know that places 50 mg as a dose nearer the lower end of their spectrum? 50 mg is not a dangerous dose (but borders on the range that could potentially cause side effects) and I didn't say that he absolutely didn't need to SUPPLEMENT with that much. I simply said he "may" not need that much because the OP (or anyone) must factor in total nutrient intake from all sources. An athlete may perform best at around 50 mg from all sources, but how crappy would the diet have to be in order not to contribute to that total?And how could you make such a comment without any regard to the nutrients which will likely be thrown out of whack from a dose of zinc like that (i.e. copper and others)?

Yeah, stop drinking soda. Find your source of motivation that will lead you away from it and just do it.


I've been taking 50mg of zinc 400mg of Mag daily for about two years now, this is nothing new. The sleep walking has been happening for about 6 mo to a year at least. Last night I cut the mag dose to 200mg and will continue for a few weeks to see if it has the desired effects.

I am aware of what a proper diet is, I'm not a noob. Diet soda is not going to change but thanks. I see no detriment to drinking diet soda here and there.

Here is the Mag:

I eat lots of milk, greek yogurt, nuts, beans, banana all things listed as good sources of mag per: vaughns-1-pagers.com/food/magnesium-foods.htm


Have you tried a different brand of mag?

BT: it is a lot dose because it is a typical "standard" dose for most brands. Its almost the starting dose in which you bump up from there. Mostly 100% of the athletic population is deficient in zinc so I doubt anyone would be running optimally on 50mg. Diet wouldnt have to be crappy at all. Even people on strict, good carb paleo are still really deficient. No nutrient would be thrown out of whack. Bad interpretations of the literature regarding zinc causing copper deficiencies is why that idea floats about.


Yeah, that would suck!


Maybe you have high cortisol.


That is entirely possible, I'm self employed and work 12 hour days during the week and half a day on saturday.


Yeah dude, try upping your b-vitamins, sleeping and taking some "me time" if possible.


Adam, try the magnesium spray vs. the oral. 17 or 18 sprays twice a day on your arms and legs. It absorbs better through the skin vs. orally. I use Derma mag, which is about $27 a bottle, lasts 5 weeks. If you go to Mike Mahler's website, he explains the benefits of the spray. He also said you can still take ZMA as well. I emailed him that question. The spray might tingle at first, but it goes away. Oral Magnesium doesn't digest well.


Do you have any proof of this? DO NOT BUY FROM MIKE MAHLER. I met him once and he tried to kiss me homo style.


Is that what the kids are calling french kissing these days?


BCFlynn please don't spam my post, what the fuck does your post have to do with my OP or the title?


Adam, you're misreading my recommendation. What I was saying was don't cut the magnesium down. I was trying to give you an alternative. Not spamming