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Zinc Gluconate/Magnesium sources


I found a pretty cheap zinc spplement with the main ingredient being zinc gluconate. Is it useful (it contains 5mg Zinc/capsule. EDIT: I can take a few capsules at once...and am not exactly what you would call trained...)? (easily assimilated) It also vitamin B5 and vitamin C.

Another question is if oats are a good source of minerals. On the label, it says they contain a ton of minerals (magnesium, zinc, phosporus, iron), but I remember once reading that there is an assimilation problem with the minerals in some vegetables...also the fact that oats contain a lot of fibre also makes me wonder wether the minerals are absorbed...
Or walnuts (150mg magnesium/100g)?
Many thanks, Vlad



To your first point on the zinc supplement, 5 mg is quite low for a trained athlete. On average, zinc supplementation ranges between 30-40 mg.

As to your point of mineral absorption, it has to do with whether it is water soluble or fat soluble. For example, calcium is fat soluble and it requires it for it to be properly absorbed into your system. This is why skim milk is pretty much useless for calcium on its own.

Checkout this article for more info for fat soluble vitamins and minerals:


And here's a link to the water soluble:





Please check out Biotest's ZMA -- 30 mg. of zinc per serving.

The oatmeal thing you read is a long-standing T-Nation recommendation. Don't take your minerals with your morning oatmeal as they tend to get bound up with the fiber.