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Zinc before bed?

I recently bought a bottle of Zinc, looking to try and up my t-levels some how, without pro hormones, and without buying an expensive blend. I was wondering for those of you out there who take Zinc alone before bed, how much do you take in? Thanks for the help:)

You can get Biotest’s ZMA for 13$ bucks at DPS. That’s pretty darn cheap.

Three caps of ZMA before bed. Great sleep and wild dreams. I’ve found it for even cheaper than $13 per bottle (a month’s supply) at other places.

What type of Zinc (form) do you plan to take?

Hi, janderstein. If you want to boost T levels, start by doing your best to reduce cortisol levels (i.e., Surge PWO). From there, along with the ZMA, try using Tribex to increase endogenous T production and M to reduce the conversion of T to E. And don’t do the low fat thing. You need some saturated (eggs & a juicy steak here and there) and monounsatured (olive oil) fat or else T levels will start to drop.

ZMA looks interesting! Just too bad they recommend that you take it 30-60 minutes before bed and either on an empty stomach or with foods that contain no calcium. I eat cottage cheese with protein powder before I go bed…so ZMA looks to be out of the question for me…:o(


30mg zinc aspartate

thanks guys for the help. I am currently taking Zinc from a company called NOW. I take 50 mg in the morning then 100 before bed. I am wondering if this is too high, but I have not read any literature which states a problem with too high of levels of Zinc. Tampa terry, thanks for the advice, I try to get everything from my diet, and steaks and healthy fats are definately my 1st options when trying to get the t-levels up, I have to pass on the supps, as I am trying to mold a plan that will suit me for the rest of my life, and I cant see myslef buying supplements in that plan, but thanks a lot for the advice.