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Zinc and Appetite

It has been posted here before that zinc may increase appetite. I was wondering what type of zinc (acetate, citrate, etc…) and daily dosage would be appropriate. Thanks

Zinc didn’t increase my appetite at all, not even when I was over dosing on it.

Last year experimented on myself with zinc for about 10 months. I started out with a serum zinc level of around 80 and copper around 90, which are in the lower 20% range. I used a blood test, not hair analysis.

Then I started taking 50mg tabs of zinc citrate for a couple months. Rechecked my blood and zinc was 180 (too HIGH) and copper was 60 (too low).

When you take zinc, you must take copper. Because zinc causes you to not absorb enough copper (and iron!) from food.

So eventually after a few blood tests and fooling with the doses of zinc and copper, I wound up at a dose of 30mg a day of zinc citrate and about 2mg of copper.

My serum testosterone also went up by about 20% once I got this optimized. I guess because zinc helps with enzymes. I stopped taking zinc for a few weeks and sure enough, my serum T dropped by about 20%.

I should add that when my zinc was too high (using 50mg), I did not experience any increase in testosterone beyond what I experienced when my zinc was around 50% to 75% of the normal range (with just 30mg a day). 30mg seems to be the right dose for me anyway.