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Zimmerman, at it Again



Told you


Who cares if he beat he girlfriend? What's that got to do with anything?


America, where arrested = guilty if the public doesn't like you.

And if the public likes you, you never get arrested, or the press doesn't' report it when you do.


You set a very low bar for being vindicated.


If you wear a dashing costume and carry a shiny badge you can get away with murder but if you're just a plain, old white dude you're guilty until proven innocent.


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She's dropped charges before. The first time she dropped them she called and reported he was threatening her with a gun and threatening to destroy her property. The charges were conveniently dropped, seemingly in lieu of the Martin hearing.. How do you mishear threatened with a gun? What, he threatened her with a bun, or a pun? Or, maybe he was talking about his penis? It was suspicious all along. How do you misinterpret that?

He appears to have issues with overstepping his bounds in a couple different instances now.


Personally, I think Zimmerman is a clown and represents every wannabe gunfighter idiot who thinks they can fix America outside of the rule of law, without realizing it will just lead to more bullshit for gunowners.

He deserves a bigger beating than what he got from Trayvon.


^ yup

Above the law part 2 staring Mark Zimmerman..

Fuck this turd eventually he will screw up and land himself in a county jail or prison for something if he keeps it up. Hes too dumb to stay out of trouble. At which point hell get beat to death or shanked...then probably get a military funeral from a bunch of militia fucktards...


Nothing that his girlfriend says he did has got anything to do with the Trayvon Martin shooting. It doesn't alter the known facts one way or the other. Whether Zimmerman turns out to be really a woman, a mafia don, a secret agent or whether he committed a weapons violation or skinned a domestic cat or flashed himself on a train - none of it has any bearing on the known facts of the Trayvon Martin shooting. I'm talking about the actual, real facts as opposed to the fantasy narratives and speculations.


The rule of law is broken and only works to empower those employed under it.

In stead, we need thousands more gun-toting Zimmermans - and not just white, male, conservative republicans trying to secure a gated community.

It's apparent justice doesn't come from a shiny badge so it has come from somewhere else.


Same reason you adduce photographs and lyrics from Facebook pages. You know this.

Doesn't change the fact that the Zimmerman jury was probably right, based on available evidence.

Does figure into a reasonable person's overall analysis of the matter. Again, for the same reason you adduce photographs and lyrics from Facebook pages.


I didn't proffer the gangster lyrics and posing pictures as evidence of anything relating to the shooting. I merely referenced them to show how ridiculous the media's baby photos and harmless schoolboy narrative was.


And that narrative mattered to you because it lent itself to a particular and -- you were dead right -- incomplete interpretation of the shooting and its participants.

The point stands. You know why character witnesses figure into criminal trials, and you know why Zimmerman's behavior figures into any reasonable person's analysis of the Martin shooting.


Guns solve everything right?


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They do if you happen to be the government.


The mere presence.

Do not even have to use them.



And bombs solve whatever guns don't.


Unless you want to live in the stone age, sooner or later things will have to be built up instead of just broken down.