Zimbabwe Facilities?

I’m in Zimbabwe (Bulawayo) for 2 months coaching rugby at a school, was wondering if some well travelled meat head had any notion of a decent gym in the area? Heavy dumbbells and and barbells are essential.

you better find a decent sized rock brah

Did they ever fix their hyperinflation problem?

[quote]incog wrote:
Did they ever fix their hyperinflation problem?[/quote]

just cash your paycheque and use the wheelbarrows of cash as weights

You’ll thank me.

[quote]Fletch1986 wrote:

You’ll thank me.[/quote]

On a slightly more serious note.

haha thanks for the rape advice, they never fixed the hyperinflation, just replaced the zim dollar with US dollars so there is a false strength to the economy but at least theres bread in the shops. I actually found a decent lifting gym out here and a surprisingly active strongman community, weird thin bars though.