Zig Zag Method Volume and Frequency?

If one where to make a program using this method, could you do something like this:
Day 1: Chest, Shoulder Triceps 1
Day 2: Back/ Biceps 1 (Width and thickness) + Hamstrings
Day 3: Chest, Shoulder Triceps 2
Day 4: Back/Biceps 2
Day 5: Chest Shoulder Triceps 1 +Quads
Day 6: Back/Biceps 1

This would equal about 6 sets for Back and Biceps and Chest shoulders and triceps, and 2 for quads and hamstrings (not counting the isolation movements)
Is this too much volume and frequency for this method? Would it be better to just do each muscle twice a week?

If I may there seems to be a lot going on there.
Why not apply the push, pull, legs theory and alternate between quad focus and powertrain focus workouts?
You can even rotate it over 3 to 4 workouts a week. Just a thought.

Obviously I’m not Paul but

Bro I’m going with something very similar in a week or two after a deload.
For me:
If intra work out nutrition is taken care of…
Volume/intesity per session is respected given 6 day schedule…
Sleep and overall recovery(massage/adiquate food etc) is on point…
And your totally fucking up for it…

Go for it mate, and in 3-5 weeks assess your progress…

In my experience, your body can take a lot more than you think if all the above factors are considered

Keep us posted pal

I couldn’t recover from that frequency AND volume, no.

I can’t tell you that you will or won’t. These are the things you guys have to try out for yourselves and see what happens.

2 on 1 off is about all I can handle and have good workouts. If I go 3 in a row that third day is shit unless I have programmed in “pump” or light days.

But my mindset as always been to go to the gym and fuck shit up. Especially if it falls like back/legs in a row, I’m DONE. Push/pull or legs/push isn’t as bad for two in a row


Juggy and Paul I concur with you both, as the laws of individuality certainly need to be taken into account.

Try it out, see what happens is my new motto

I’m gonna rock with this (I’m doing a 5 day fast before, so will ease in after that in regards to volume):
(Zig-zag method for main exercises - cos it’s awesome)

Day 1: Back width, and biceps
Day 2: Push - Shoulders/traps focus
Day 3: Legs (Heavy AM, Sled PM)
Day 4: Off cardio
Day 5:Back thickness, biceps
Day 6 Push- Chest triceps focus
Day 7: Off cardio

Week 1 - 3-4 exercises, 3-4 work sets
Week 2 - 3-4 exercises 6-8 work sets
Week - 3 3-4 exercises 8-10 work sets
Week - 4-5 3-4 exercises 8-10 work sets + intensity techniques (drops, clusters, big boy balls time etc)
Week - 7 - assess and possibly deload

Maybe a few carries, sled drags, isolation/band work in the PM (I train at 5.am) Plazma during each session, not carb or calorie shy all week.

Main thing for me is that I’m totally motivated, am loving my training and can self assess honestly

Happy fucking days chaps