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Zig Zag Article

Hello Paul, I found today’s article interesting as I’ve never read of this method before. I was just wondering if you could clear up one thing for me. As I understood it a training session would be setup like this:

1A) Bench 2x6-8
1B) Flat Fly 2x10-12

2A) Bench 2x6-8
2B) Incline Fly w/bands 2x10-12

One would rest 3 minutes after every bench set and then rest 3 minutes again after ever fly set?

2-3 minutes yes. So you bench, rest 2 minutes, flye, rest 2 minutes, bench, etc.

Paul, if i want do zigzag in ssp(shield), can i do it this way?:
1leg curl
2 squat (main move)
3 Reverse Lunge zigzag Hip thrust

1 bench (main move)
2 incline bench zigzag flyes
3 lateral raise
4 face pull
5 triceps

1 rack dead (main move)
2 low row zigzag chin up
3 Traps
4 bíceps

What do you think?

Yeah that looks great.