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Ziban and MD6/Ephidrine

Is it ok to take ephidrine or MD6 while on Ziban. A girl at the gym asked me and I told her I would find out for.I got the impression though that she might be on anti depressants though, cause she brought up the fact that they are the same thing.Help please.

Ziban IS an anti-depressant. So anything with ephedra is doubtful. Best to lay off until the Ziban course is finished.

taking MD6 and Ziban may cause too much stimulation in the brain. It’s best to check with a doctor about this.

Would T2 be ok to take instead?

I remember when T2 came out, Brock wrote in a post that those being treated for depression or taking anitdepressants should not take T2. So if that girl you know is going to take T2, be aware that she is using it at her own risk.

I’m no doctor, but I’d be inclined to think that T2 would be similarly bad.

Thanks guys?girls? I appreciate your help .

Any suggestions for what i could recommend instead.

If you’re friend were to stay on medication, taking certain dietary supplements without the supervision of a doctor can possibly have an adverse effect on her. She could take kelp. Kelp is rich in Iodine, and iodine is known to regulate the thyroid gland. But it’s still best to check with a doctor first. How’s your friend’s training? I remember reading a book by vince gironda in which he say’s if you feel your metabolism is lagging, you might want to jump start it by doing breathing squats (20 rep suats). Perhaps you can tell her to do a set after a leg workout. who knows, maybe she needs you to spot her. Well, you get the idea.