Zhen De Shou for Fat Loss?

It’s for fat loss. All herbal, 100% natural.

Has anyone heard of it and can anyone vouch for it?

This does not look very credible to me…but anyways I would like to go ahead an venture out there and call this product crap.

ZHEN DE SHOU: a kind of botanical slimming medicine in the old and mysterious primitive forest of Shennongjia there grows a kind of plant— CRATAEGUS PINNATIFIDA, which is also popularly called Shenxianye (fairyleaves). EPT experts found that this crataegus pinnatifida has magic effect for slimming. In Shennongjia Natural Reserve, tourist can taste, smell bean curd cooked in water with fairyleaves. Local people all are familiar with the experience that if a person takes (eat) fairyleaves for a week, he will reduce weight by 1.5 ? 4kg.

It can rapidly reduce subcutaneous fat and fat around internal organs.

After taking 3 boxes, the slimmer can have her waistline reduce by 8.8cm averagely.

On the Average, weight can be reduced by 6kg after the slimmer has taken in two boxes of medicine. Effective Rate ( weight reduction ? 5%) is above 90%, apparent rate (weight reduction ? 10%) is over 70%.

Ingredients : Crataegus Pinnatifida, safflower, gingko-nut, cassia seed and alga ( Louxuanzao in Chinese).

Effective ingredient and content: Flavone ? 40mg/capsule

Function: Regulate blood fat

Specification: 250mg x 10 capsules

Usage: To be taken orally . Once a day and one capsule per time. To be taken half an hour before breakfast.

Caution: Pregnant women, lactation mothers, person with serious disease must not take this medicine.

I am currently cutting and using it. I have leaned out considerably since I’ve been on it for the past 3 weeks (8 pounds lost).