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ZeroSleep Training Log

My goals: More power, more strength, more lean mass. In that order, as I’m doing this mainly for MMA purposes, though general health benefits, as well as looking good nekkid are (hopefully) some side effects of the main goals.

My plan:

Workout A:
Squat 5x5
Bench Press 5x5
Clean and Press 1x5
Alternate between Explosive Push-Ups and Dips 3xF

Workout B:
Squat 5x5
The (Overhead) Press 5x5
Deadlift 1x5
Towel Pull-Up 3xF

Week 1: Mon - A, Wed - B, Fri - A
Week 2: Mon - B, Wed - A, Fri - B

Adding 2,5 kg every time I have an exercise in my workout, except deadlifts which will increase with 5 kg each time.

As for the rowing I use for warm up, I start at a 1000 m, and will add 25 m each workout.

Will add some ab work each workout, just need to figure out what. And if I have time, some db reverse flies or the likes for my shoulder health every other workout.

Might add more exercises if I discover week point, like grip, calves or biceps, etc. But this is the plan for now. I’ll follow it for 12 weeks, and then evaluate the process, both by numbers of my lifts, my weight and bodyfat%, and before/after photos. When this template no longer works, I’ll probably start a Westside routine, or try the stuff I’ve picked up from B. J. Penns book.

Good luck to me.

Monday Oct. 5th 2009

I start my program today, and did the following.

Workout A:

Row - 1000 m - I skipped this today, because I forgot shoes, so I kept slipping out. Instead I did 5 min in a crosstrainer.

Squat 5x5 - 45 kg - felt okay, nothing to note.

Bench Press 5x5 - 35 kg - really way to easy, but I’ll stick to the plan instead of bumping it up to say 45. I don’t want to look like a “bench- and curl-squad” member.

Clean and Press 1x5 - 40 kg - easy enough, which is the plan, since I need to work on my technique. I even had member of the bench and curl crew come over and tell me how to do it. He was completely right in what I did wrong actually, which took me by complete surprise, especially since he seemed to struggle with the light weight I was using. If you know how to do it, why aren’t you fucking doing it, instead of all the bench-, curl-, bosuball crap I’ve seen you do? O.o

Clap Push-Up with elevated feets 3xF - 6, 8, 5 - does something seem odd about those numbers?

Did some db reverse flies to work on some week points since I had a lot of time on my hands before the next bus. (It drove by about the same time me and my gf were done, so we had an hour to do whatever before the next one.) Man I really have some week points there, I struggled with 5 kg db… Also did 2x5 front squats with just the bb to work technique.

Worst thing about this is remember to stick to the plan of slow but steady gain, instead of going balls-to-the-wall, all out, since that’s my mentality from martial arts.

Wednesday Oct. 7th 2009

Row - 1025 m - no problems, though I’m not sure I got as warm as I should

The Squat rack was busy, some old lady doing bent over bb rows with poor form forever. So I started my workout with

Pull-Ups - 1x6, 1x6, 1x4

This is worse than before I started training, what the hell?

Squat 5x5 - 47,5 kg - need to focus on form, because the last 2 reps on the 4th set, and last 3 reps on my 5th set, I didn’t keep my chest high enough, instead almost touching my thighs with my chest. Note to self: Squats =/= good mornings

The (Overhead) Press 5x5 - 30 kg - felt way too easy at first, but the last two sets were hard enough.

Deadlift 1x5 - 50 kg - way too easy, but I think that will change fast enough.

Didn’t do anything else that day, because I had to run to get to my BJJ class.

Sunday Oct. 11th 2009

Row - 1050

Squat 5x5 - 50 kg - will use this weight next time as well as my 5th rep on 3rd and 5th set was a technical failure.

Bench Press 5x5 - 37,5 kg - no problems

Clean and press 5x1 - 42,5 kg - no problems

Dip - 6 reps, then I quit because of shoulder pain.

Did bb-curls with 20-25 kg in between my girlfriends squat sets.

Moved my Fri training to today because of time limitations on Friday (BJJ class), and I didn’t feel up to it on Saturday. Which means next week will be; Tue, Thu and Sat, then back to normal the week after.

Wedensday Oct 14th 2009

Row - 1075 - couldn’t focus properly (which was a problem through the entire workout)

Squat 5x5 - 50 kg - I thought I was in trouble after the third set, so even though it went better in the 4th set, I loaded up to 90 kg before the last set and held the BB for 20 seconds, then deloaded to original weight - 50 kg has never been so easy, even more so than the first set

The Press 5x5 - 37,5 kg - I misread my cheat sheet, so I used more weight than was planned. was heavy, but wouldn’t really be a problem if I gave myself adequate time for recovery

Deadlift 1x5 - 55 kg - slightly heavy today, but could manage more, no doubt, as long as my grip don’t give up

No accessory work.