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Zerogains: New Health Promotion Program Designed to Curb the Use of AAS

I became infertile when I acquire hypogonadism. HCG helped me become fertile enough to have two kids.

It might be, but if you have children and they live decent lives, it will not be just lights out.


Most athletic people have some of it, but it’s not a risk factor.

I don’t think the muscular size one can get naturally is a risk factor. I think muscular size becomes a risk with size when it’s drug induced. Fatness plays a role too.

Well anabolic steroids attach to androgen receptors, which play a large role in their hypertrophic stimuli. Cardiac myocytes contain androgen receptors too!

Couple that with potentially high blood pressure (uncontrolled), CNS stimulation (increased RHR), increased muscle mass and ability to push extremely hard in the gym (thus increasing workload and cardiac output)

I’d have to find a compatible partner before I have a child. And I’d need to mature a great deal. At the moment I’m not particularly father material…

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Well yes, if it’s from anabolics then it’s a risk I believe.

I’m tall so I already count as being large.

I’m pretty lean right now and I think my health is great (haven’t been to the doctor this year). I had worse sleep apnea last year during my “bulk”. I was 40 lbs heavier. It’s hard to believe it was all fat but here I am.

I was 6’4"+ and topped out at 250 lbs. I don’t consider that to be huge but it definitely strained my body.

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It’s pretty big… That’s about as big as Schwarzenegger (contest 6’2 235) so say 10-12%bf as they didn’t get as lean as they do now

Not as big as me though, I’m 7’4 and 700 lbs 4%BF

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