Zero Side Effects 8 Days Into Tren Ace/Test Prop Cycle

Hey guy’s I’ve just started a new cycle of tren a and test p pinning 50mg of both Ed it’s been 8 days on now and I’ve definitely noticed strength improvements but absolutely no side effects at all. Not that I’m complaining but last trenbolone cycle I ran I was a cranky prick and so horny and sweating every night. Could it be because of my dose or the test p? I’ve never ran test p before. Last cycle was 750mg test e and 400mg tren a.

I have never had sides on tren.
As far as you being on 350test and 350tren ace a week, with your picture you are just doing yourself more damage than needed. You are not nearly close to a point where bringing out tren would be justified.
350 of test a week, good food and progressive overload. If you cant grow on that, the problem is in training or diet.
Sorry, i dont mean to be an asshole, i just think you can save money and health for at least 2 more years. At this point you can inject that tren either in yourself or in a garbage can, the benefit will be equal.


I don’t think you’re being an ass at all mate, that’s why I’m on this forum, for tips and pointers. Looking at your picture you obviously know your stuff. I appreciate it brother :muscle:

I just wrapped up an experimental tren A cycle, started above 200mg/wk, moved to 70mg after cutting it when sides popped up. No sides at 70mg/wk. 19-nors take me two weeks before sides. They just seem to pop up after they’ve had enough time build in your system. Of course, you could also not have sides. Were you doing A or E last time you had sides?

Even with Tren ace, it can take up to 3 weeks for sides to start kicking in. Give it time and make another assessment then

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I have made same mistakes, man. If id know then what i know now, i would be so much better. You should be able to grow on much less gear leaving much more room for future progress. The more you take now, the more you will need later. Its just not efficient.