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Zero Sex Drive


Hey guys, I'm 30yo and my sex drive has been almost nonexistent for longer than I care to admit. Here are the results of my bloodwork:

-Total Test 390 (Normal 260-1000)
-% Free Test 1.5 (Normal 1.0-2.7)
-Free Test 57.6 (Normal 50.0-210.0)
-Androstenedione 35 (Normal 50-220)

FSH, LH, IGF-1, HGH were all normal. My endo wants to send me to a urologist to see what's going on. I was positive that my test was going to turn below normal levels; I have done two cycles in the past and they made me horny as hell so I figured the test was the ticket but I guess I was wrong.

What do you guys suggest? Have you been in a similar situation than mine? I wonder what answers the urologist can come up with.



While 390 is clinically "normal." it may not be normal for you.

That's the trouble with testing for T.

If we had any brains, we'd all get a baseline done at about 25 and refer to that in subsequent years.

There are endos or GPs out there (although probably few and far between) who'd give you a prescription for some Testosterone.

I'd recommend trying Alpha Male for four weeks. If libido goes up, you know that your lack of libido was probably related to lower than optimal Testosteorne levels.

If it works, you can either continue on it, or seek out pharmaceutical T replacement.

However, having said all that, it is a little odd that it's so low. Any stress in your life? Do you train balls to the wall all the time? Soy in your diet? Alcohol?

Are you getting nocturnal erections? You could try the old stamp trick. Glue a string of postage stamps around your member before you go to bed.

If the perforations are busted in the morning, you know that you achieved nocturnal wood, which, while certainly not definitive, gives some indication of whether you're experiencing a pulsatile release of T in the morning.


How's your stress these days?


I should also add that stress is no more than "usual".

And I haven't had 'morning wood' in a loooong time.

Overtraining is also not an issue for me, if anything I'm hitting the gym less than I should.



Man, I'm beginning to think it's just a sign of the times.

I'm hearing about this kind of thing almost weekly (young men who have lower than normal libidos even though they're in the "normal" range).

While I could hypothesize all day, go ahead and follow through with the endo's suggestions, providing your insurance will cover it.

I still think enhancement of Test production or full-on Test replacement is the ticket (assuming no underlying health disorders).


Go ahead and hypothesize. Are you hearing this more now than in the past?


Here's one theory:


Personally after learning about this, one big change I made was to stop heating food in plastic containers in the microwave.

Also, if you have adrenal deficiency it can effect your over all hormonal health. Consider saliva testing, as this is a more accurate method of testing for hormone levels:


Hope it helps,



Your Free Test (which is what matters in this case) is on the low side, and the problem might be compounded by low serotonin levels.

I doubt environmental estrogens are the culprit here, although I do agree they are something to worry about.

I'd go with TC's advice of giving Alpha Male a try.

If it works (give it a couple of weeks and DO cycle it per the instructions!), it works, if it doesn't, return it for a refund... (that's why the money back policy is there) -- and see a psychiatrist to see if it's clinical depression (low serotonin).

Just my $.02...


Do you happen to spend your time in an environment without any "eye candy"?

ie. work in a cubicle, don't watch tv, single, isolated, etc...


I would advice against trying anything that could raise your t-level if you are planning to follow-up with the Urologist in the near future. Particularly if you've only had blood work done once or twice. The Uro may want to test you again prior to evaluating options.

I would think that you would want baseline levels until you've began on a replacement path.

Now, if you are not planning to follow up with the Uro right away, or you find resistance from the Uro to do the right thing, then a T raising supplement may be an alternative.

Other then Alpha Male, one other supplement that may want to try is ZMA. ZMA has been known to increase T-levels, particulaly in zinc deficient individuals.


Yes, it seems to be fairly common--or at least more guys are talking about it.

If I were to guess, I'd guess that it could have something to do with environmental estrogens that seem to be rampant.

Hell, there's even evidence of polar bears in the Arctic being born as hemaphrodites because of "estrogen pollution" (my term).

Or, it might have something to do specifically with weight lifting. Contrary to what's often written, weight lifting seems to cause a drop on baseline T levels for a day or two afterwards.

Since we lift all or most of the time, could it be that our T levels are depressed all the time?

Scary thought, but luckily this can be remedied.


Let me guess. You are on a very low fat diet?


hmm this is an interesting thread. I guess I don't know as much as I do about Testosterone, as I was under the impression that lifting weights increases test in people.

So a day or two after lifting test is lowered? So that means if I work out 3x a week my T-levels are consistently low because of training?

is more cardio the answer? in regards to the low sex drive

This should be interesting,


At 390, they might not budge. But he could also "Doctor up" a new test. (Search for a post on "Your doctor your dealer") Get them numbers under 300 and they'll prolly be alot more cooperative.

Its a shame one has to bend the rules to get what they want, isn't it? Such is life sometimes


Thats site is pretty fuckin sweet! They test your test levels for 30 bucks, all threw the mail. If thats not dam convient I dunno what is. The lab I checked out wanted 150 bucks plus the hassle of talking to the MD's about why I want such and such/waiting rooms/30 min drive.

Is that saliva testing really as accurate as they claim? Maybe Cy or TC could lend an opinion on this...


I got bloodwork done over 2 years ago now and my total T came back as 320. I was 27-28 at the time.
The nurse gave me the results over the phone as "normal". She gave me my actual levels and I said that I thought 320 was in the low normal range. She confirmed this was true, but offered no further course of action.
I don't have zero sex drive, but I definitely don't want it anywhere near what I used to. I think it also has something to do with my low levels.


If that saliva testing site checks out aiight, Im gonna give it a go and see whats up. Im 26, and Ive heard from to many people my age that had low test results.

Either way, if I test below 400, Im takin action.


There are many things that can whack your T no matter what age you are:

--A high fiber, low fat diet
--Lack of sleep or a sleep disorder.
--Lack of ejaculations and erections. (Yes, I know it's a vicious circle.)
--Fasting or undernutrition
--Being overweight

Psychology is huge as well. That and all of the above have been shown in various studies to whack T between 25-50% or even more.


And my experience is anything below about 500 and you'll start to notice "changes" for the worse...


Wow! I can't believe that you had 390. How does 190 sound to you? I was feeling fairly depressed and I went in for a check up and because of what I've read here, I had the doctor include a check of my testosterone levels. 190! A prebubescent girl scores higher than that. My doctor thought nothing of giving me 200 mg test shots every other week. My insurance covers 80% of the shot. I had my levels checked at 3 monthes, and I was at 590. I was feeling better, and everyone noticed a difference. I asked him what high normal range was for a twenty-year old was and my doctor showed high range normal on the scale he is using to be 890. I asked if we could shot for that. He said yes. I continued the injections and had my level checked three monthes later. It was 1000. I am now getting the shot every 3 weeks and will have my levels checked in two more monthes. Definitely go for the high end of normal, if your doctor will go for it. Morning Wood? You bet! Not to mention afternoon wood, evening wood, and mid-night wood. My wife is happier than I've seen her in a while. My Squat went up 100 lbs., my bench went up to what I did in college. (385) I strongly reccommend hrt! I worry about estrogen now.