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Zero Energy - Diet Help ??

I am currently following the workout and the nutrition program in John Berardi’s ‘Scrawny to Brawny’ Book-(currently halfway through Phase 3-wave loading)
My main question is: Is it normal to feel totally drained after my workouts, so drained in fact, that I have actually fell asleep on the couch staight after my post workout protein/carb drink, and have had to woken up about an hour later for my next meal…
As per the program, my meal 1-1.5hrs before my workout is 200g tuna or chicken breast, large garden salad (broccoli, carrot and green beans), 1tsp olive oil & 1tsp flax oil (mixed with milk-can’t get it down otherwise). Then 20 mins before w/out-protein/carb drink, and another sipped during workout.

p.s - without posting my whole daily diet, the main thrust is that predominently Protein & fat meals during day, then predominently Protein & Carbs after w/out for rest of day. (w/out about 4-5pm).

Any advice greatly welcomed

As you say you are feeling tired after your post workout drink it seems to me as though you are suffering from reactive hypoglycemia. The simple carbs cause an insulin spike which in turn causes blood glucose to drop making you feel tired. I would suggest lowering the amount of simple carbs and make sure to have them with plenty of water.

That, or you aren’t used to not eating so many carbs throughout the day.

Hope this helps,