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ZERO Carb Protein Foods

I’ve been following a ketogenic diet for the past few days (~1900 cals, 15-20g carbs per day). I’ve been doing pretty well, but the majority of my meals come from Isopure (Zero Carb) powder and canned tuna. Now, Isopure tastes pretty good but 4,5 times a day is getting pretty boring, and there’s only so much tuna I can take (right now 3-4 cans a day). Any ideas for some zero carb foods? And I mean ZERO. (Freakin, even eggs have carbs…)

I should add that I’m now trying to stay away from eating chicken/steak because yes, even they have carbs. (The chicken I buy at COSTCO which has been a staple of my diet for the past 9 months or so is “seasoned in broth”, which means 3g carbs per breast.) Anal? Yes. But when I have a daily allowance of 20g, it pays to make sure…

umm, I hate to break it to you, but meat has carbs as well. Don’t worry about carbs in meat and eggs.

Low carb choices:


But don’t eat chicken breasts. Eat chicken wings or the whole thing. And don’t go for the lean cuts of pork, either. And no lean ground beef.

for gods sake…
i hope your diet is going exceptionally well… it would have to be almost magical for me to put up with that crap…
check out T-dawg diet bro, its a thinking man version of what you are doing.

You can always drink oils right out of the bottle or forego eating. I think not eating would be easier than eating 4 cans of tuna per day…ugh.

Honestly, even under the most low carb diet, you cannot possibly forego eggs and meat and cheese…


wtf? Are you serious? You won’t eat meat on a low carb diet cause it has too many carbs? That’s the dumbest-ass thing I have ever heard in my life. Seriously. No fooling.

wtf do you hope to accomplish by not eating meat or eggs? Totally ruining your efforts? Not eating beef?!? Where do you plan to get your fats?

You need REAL food. Meat and eggs is REAL food. dumb whatever crap you’re taking all the time, and eat some MEAT.

Salmon steaks broiled in a real butter and basil leaf sauce…you can chop it up like tuna if need be. Otherwise, it’s great as a fillet.

Skinless Chicken breasts, fresh, grilled all at once and cut up into strips or cubes for use throughout the week. Add carb-free oils, spices or mayo to dress it up.

You can eat beef, the carbs are insignificant…just don’t add any steak sauce or BBQ sauce (unless it’s carb-free atkins-type).

Staying under 20 grams of carbs per day is easy, you can even have salad greens and small portions of veggies like broccoli, califlower and spinach. Don’t use too much MRP/Protein powder…try to have as many ‘real-food’ meals as possible.

Finally, don’t count dietary fiber as a carb…that should help.

Good luck…

Hamburger is zero carb I believe, also you can get chicken that isn’t seasoned, cheese might be a good idea too - 1oz has less than a gram, egg whites have no carbs…other types of fish…

LittleJay has given the best advice so far.

There is no such thing as 0 carb. Almost everything at least has trace carbs. As far as your daily allotment, if you stick to protein sources like meat and fish and keep your fat fairly high, your ketogenic diet is going to work out great. If you can handle eating that much protein and fat all day everyday, you will be hard pressed to go over 30 grams a day and you will most certainly be in ketosis when your glycogen levels are exhausted.

The only time ketogenic dieters are going to have to worry is when they want to “cheat” a little. You know, have that little harmless salad on the side, that serving of veggies, that cheese, or whatever. If you stick to animal protein sources and fats you aren’t going to screw it up (perhaps calorically but you can control that with portions).

I’m currently finishing up a bulking cycle (ending after Thanksgiving weekend) and starting a cutting cycle so I’m reducing my carbs a lot right now and keeping my calories high to get my body used to the reduced intake; then its diet time. I am a believer in post-workout nutrition so I’ll be loading up the glucose/hydro shakes then, but its going to be low carb the rest of the time. I’m enjoying my peanut butter and whey right now for my low carb meals (hey, it beats flax and whey for the fat fasters).

Yes, but make sure you eat fat! i.e. no skinless chicken breasts! Eat good sausages (without preservatives), chicken wings, whole chicken with the skin, lots and lots of beef, and of course lots of eggs. Seafood is good, but generally speaking, oysters and clams are the shit, and you should eat lots of them for their mineral content.

I’m curious to know why you’re going as low as 20g of carbs. This is really drastic and most people have found a good deal of success with as much as 100 to 120g. I know I have. I found it sooooo much easier than when I was down at 20g.

Regardless, if you’re going to be that anal (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing…mental discipline is the greatest quality of any athlete)…then I’d get most of my carb sources from my meat, eggs, and dark greens.

Oh no! No no no… I think you guys mistook my diet. I didn’t say that ALL I eat is protein shakes and tuna… That’s just the majority.

My other common meals are turkey burgers with cheese (1g each, usually eat 2 at a time) and roast beef (canned), which is where the majority of my carbs come from (6F / 8C / 73P). So yeah, I get plenty of meat.

And yes, of course I get plenty of fats. Come on, I’m posting at the t-mag forums for Christ’s sake… I get at LEAST 4 tablespoons of Udo’s every day (58g of pure GOOD fats).

Hey nice recipe LittleJay, I gotta try those salmon steaks… :slight_smile:

Another reason I don’t eat eggs is because of the whole cholesterol thing. Sure, a few whole eggs once in a while won’t hurt, but how about 35 a week? (5 per day). I’d love to just boil up a bunch and stock up in my fridge…

By the way, what’s the maximum amount of protein I can eat in a day (5’9", 170)? (If I’m not mistaken, too much protein can be converted into glucose, albeit by a very inefficient process, but still possible…).

I think you’re over-obsessing about the carbs. I am doing the metabolic diet right now as a break from T-Dawg, and am as carb-sensitive as they come, and am doing fine keeping my carbs under 15-20 a day, and that’s with a serving of broccoli, according to fitday. After my carb-up, it takes me about 36 hours to drop firmly back into ketosis, as measured by the “breath test.”

That said, I eat no processed foods–including those really convenient broth-injected Costco chicken pieces. By keeping control of your food sources, you really will get the fewest carbs possible, and will definitely be in ketosis, which is really what you’re going for, right?.

As for the protein requirements, I am using DiPasquale’s recommendations and getting about 30% of calories from protein, and the rest from fat. At first I was skeptical, thinking it would be better to move more toward 50/50, but I tried it his way, and I like it. I’m moving past a stubborn plateau, and all that fat is great for satiety.

I know the canned/processed meats are convenient, but I take a couple hours and cook everything on Sunday. If you have access to a kitchen, it’s not hard to do up all your food for the week.


oh, ok. I get it now. And I thought this guy was for real! hahahaha