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Zercher Squats


What part of a PL back squat to they tend to help the most with?

I wanted to do something I'd never done before so I ME'd on Zercher squats and to me it felt like a cross between a front squat and a SSB squat. But I still don't have a clue as to when this lift is best incorporated.


They are their own lift IMO...I prefer to do them from a dead stop on pins, set so I start the movement from approx parallel. I find they mimic a combo of back squat/DL when done from pins like that fwiw.


I'll have to give that one a try at some point. One thing I liked about them is that they were really easy on my joints, even more so than a front squat. I guess it's the lower center of balance and relatively lower load.


I dunno about the lower load...once you get used to them it gets up there, I've done 495x3 and 535x1 zerchers from pins recently, so a bit higher than my back squat. But yes, the lower center of gravity/lack of spinal load are nice.