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Zercher Squats Ultra High Reps

Hello everyone! I have a two months vacation this summer but I only have access to a bar and 100 kg I was wondering if I could train my legs doing zercher squats for high reps. My personal best is 50 repes with 70 kg and I was thinking that If I can increase that much more, I would be more muscular or at least more fit. What do you guys think? What kind of routine should I follow? I like to hit them almost everyday for high reps, tell me if you know a routine with lots of reps everyday or something like that please! I’m also thinking about doing thrusters in the same way, what do you think about that?

Thanks in advance!

full body workout with a bar and 100kg is possible and can be a good option

It can work, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. You can do front rack lunges/split squats, walking lunges or a mechanical drop set of split squats and front squats.


Dude a bar and 100kg is unlimited in what you can do with it… I don’t know how high rep zerchers became the only option you thought of.

Presses, cleans and pulls. Squat and lunge alternatives, rows (one and two arm). You can do a body part split all the way to a full body routine with that. Obviously super heavy weights are out, but literally everything else is on the menu.

Have you tried doing Zercher Carries for distance, like 100 yards?

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Thanks for the answer! I thought this because zerchers hit almost every muscle on the body and I would like to do a high frequency type workout with lots of reps and some running etc… But you are right maybe i could do zerchers on day one, thrusters day 2 RDL with lots of reps on day three etc… What do you think of that?? Thanks!!

I would try something a bit more structured PERSONALLY, but maybe you would have that.

So something like a push/pull/leg (either one each per day, or a full day for each one)

Options could be over head pressing, floor pressing, dead’s and it’s variations, squats and it’s variations, rows, etc…

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You did 50 reps of zercher? You really are a masochist aren’t you? :smiley:

Sets of 15 zercher were the thing I feared the most it was gruesome I can’t even fathom 50

Damn I gotta try this sometime.

I can’t imagine doing zerchers without an axlebar