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Zercher Squats and the Sumo DL


Do Zercher Squats transfer well to the sumo deadlift, assuming the feet are wide and pointed out like they are in the sumo deadlift? I know Louie and the Westside crew doesn't use them for ME because they are limited by the amount of weight they can hold in their arms but I am no where near that level and if I put a towel in between the bar and my elbow I am fine with regards to that. Flexibility is also not an issue. I also pause on the pins of the power rack after each rep and rest a second or two. This seems like it would improve the Sumo DL as it works the core, the hips, and the legs in a manner that is very similar to the Sumo DL. Do any experienced powerlifters/weight lifters have any knowledge or insight about this?


Ox Mason and Travis Mash used Zercher pulls from a rack to work their deadlift. You can go over to Elite FTS and look back through their logs to see how they used them. You will have to go back a bit. Maybe it was 6 months ago or so but Travis swore by them and his DL isn't too shabby.


I use them all the time. I can only do zerchers sumo. Westside does Zerchers too. They don't focus on them but they've been done. Zerchers can really fuck up your elbow tendons if you don't stay real tight, not to mention the bruise you get. I've tried to do zerchers w/ a narrow stance but it felt wierd so I only do them w/ a slight sumo stance. They hit almost exactly where my back needs it for pulling. Thanks for posting this becuase I needed a ME exercise tommorrow.


I like what they do to me. I also recommend them to everybody I train.
the lower/upper back, hips, hamstring workout is insane!
your, believe or not, ABS will get good workout too!
It is true that it becomes really akward in your arms with anything over 100 kg (I think it is 220 lb), but I sure it's well worth it!

I used to do sets @150 kg (333 lb) with small towel only and survived . . . hance it can not be soooo bad on your arms

Good luck,

P.S. Try the same thing with sand bag - really good shit!!!


I've used them before, but always felt that the mechanics of the exercise limited the amount of weight I could use. I like doing pin pulls at various heights and feel that these give great carry over to contest pulling. (I pull 512 @ 165).



How you guys do Zerchers from off the floor? I heard it said that you can do like Zercher deadlits by pulling off the floor as in a dead then squat down and rest the bar on the thigh just above the knee, then get your arms wedged under the bar as in a Zercher lift and lift it up and stand upright.

I tried it but with any real weight I just can't seem to get it done right.
any tips or even photos or vid clips would be helpful.



I try to do them off a 2 pin w/ either a cambered bar or off blocks w/ a cambered bar. I use a straight bar sometimes but only when the camber bar is taken.


I tried them from the floor but it felt like it would rip it apart my back. I do it from the rack and I don't run into the same problem.


Also do the rest of you guys feel it a lot in your quads in addition to the lower back/hips?