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Zercher Squat vs Front/Back Squat Depth

Hey Coach,

I’ve been following your program ‘The Best Damn Workout Plan For Natural Lifters’ for 18 weeks now. lately I started mixing it with the article ‘Break 3 Rules, Build More Muscle’ and It’s the best program I’ve ever followed. To elaborate I’ve managed to increase strength in dead-lift from 140Kg to 180Kg for 5 reps, Military press from 40Kg to 70Kg for 6 reps and I also packed about 5Kg of muscles in that time.
Thank you!

Now you’ll notice that I skipped squats from my proud list :slight_smile: as to be honest I never squatted before, and its taking me a lot of time to master the motion. I’ve been trying to front/back squat to parallel but I can only manage to reach near parallel if I force myself down I start to feel several things:

  • My lower back hurts (if I kept it straight and tight) or arch (butt wink)

  • A strong stretch in my Inner thighs, but tolerable

  • A weird feeling (no pain though) in my hip bones

Yesterday, there was an article about Zercher squat on T Nation, so I thought about giving it a test trial today and I was surprised that I could reach parallel with only feeling the stretch in my inner thighs.

My question is, Is there a bio-mechanical reason for that? or I just have to work on my squat mobility?


Out of all the squats, the Zercher is the one in which you can stay upright the most easily. So that might be a reason. However your issues with squatting might indicate one or several issues that should be addressed

If I stick with Zercher for some time might that fix depth level for front/back squat?

Sure its as good as any to build the lower body

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Thanks… Appreciate your time :slight_smile: