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Zercher Squat Advice?


Having never done them because the thought of resting the BB w/loads of weight on my elbows turns me off but it intrigues me to try. Those who do them, any tips to pass along?

I do back squats & front squats regularly so no issues with technique or depth.


i use FatGripz to increase the bar diametre, which lessens the brusing effect


We usually use some of the towels lying around to place around the bar to cushion it a little bit and make it a little more comfortable


Thanks for posting this because really, I do zerchers quite often, with up to and over 200lbs on most occasions, and at first I was in your shoes thinking about the "bruising" but I just manned-the-fuck-up and started doing them. Really, they're not that bad. I typically do the "dead-stop" type where the bar starts on the floor.

Tomorrow is squat day, I'll do some, film it, and put it up on here.

Great exercise though. Totally makes you feel like a bearnocerous.


Just man up and do it. With time, you will adapt and it won't be an issue. A small price to pay for a great exercise.


when you start them on the floor, your balls grow by 154%, its so awesome


Here you go man. Filmed this today, specifically for this thread. Hope you enjoy.


awesome. why are you training in a tent? on deployment?


Yeah in a tent with a grate floor on deployment to Trashcanistan.


I just use a barbell pad.

It's always going to be pretty uncomfortabl ate first (pad or no pad), though, your bopdy will get used to it pretty swiftly.

Just start out super-light & work your way up.


our gym doen't have bb pad wide enough to use, but I used that thin material that wraps around the pad that comes off separately.

So i tried it out and went light and it wasn't too bad. The load is totally different compared to Back or front squats.