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Zercher Progression

Hey, I am going to start doing 5/3/1 this week. Id like to do Zerchers on the deadlift day instead of conventional DLs because they really aggrivate my back. I can do unconventional DLs no problem, such as the double suitcase deadlift, but I dont have access to much equipment besides the basics.

Aside from doing the Zercher Squat following the 5/3/1 protocall, what would be some good assistance lifts to add?
For the record, I picked up 235 my first try and could hold it to my chest np, but I was nervous about squatting down as I felt my mid back was the weak link…Didnt want to chance it.

Strengthen your back. Back strength is one of the most important things in strongman.

Not saying that Zerchers are bad. They are actually pretty good for back strength. But I wouldn’t try to work around a weak back. Find safe ways to strengthen it.