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Zercher Harness


As a man who’s favourite squat is the zercher squat, Id really like to get myself a zercher harness so my biceps are no longer the limiting factor in lifting the maximum weight. I have found one so far online, but I havent seen many reviews and it doesnt appear to be in widespread use. Does anybody know where I can get one…or have one that they’d like to sell :slight_smile:


Where do you live and what’s your budget?


I live in new England near New York and my budget is flexible depending on the quality and condition of the product in question.


Get Strength is an New Zealand company who make great equipment and ship around the world. Given their dollar is in the poo, it may work out relatively cheap


(Note: these are also front squat harnesses)


I saw that. I thought they had a US distributor too and that price was in USD. The New Zealand dollar is about 60% of the USD as of yesterday so there might be a cost savings.


Have you used a Zercher harness?

I haven’t, but I’d imagine it takes a bit of the upper back strength out of the equation. I don’t know how much that actually matters, but it seems like it would be a somewhat different lift.

Since I’m not sure where else to ask, why is the Zercher squat your favorite squat?


It is the only squat I can do with good form. I also happen to be good at them (I hit 300lb on the zercher in 2 months, which took me several with the back squat). I hate the back squat. I have to have the bar the near middle of my shoulder blade or go very deep to feel comfortable. I hate how it feels even when my form is good. Ive gotten injured too many times with that lift to appreciate its benefits. Front squats I tend to let my knees travel forward and I also never feel like the squatting motion is “right”, as vague as that sounds.

The way I do zerchers is a little different than mainstream advice. I always start from a dead stop. I set the rack height such that the bar rests in the middle of my quad when standing up. When I grad the bar I don’t hold my arms out like I am trying to give a tall guy an upper cut to the balls. Instead I “pull” the bar towards me as if I am giving myself the heimlich maneuver which takes most of the arm strength out of the equation. At this point I need to work in the 300s range for reps and it is really hurting my forearm tissue and bone.

You are right that it will probably compromise some upper back work, but Im not concerned with that as I do stones as my main movement on squat days. I stopped doing zerchers because stones+zerchers is too much on the biceps.


I apologize for not having anything immediately relevant to the topic at hand, but in the meantime, are you/have you tried zerchers with an axle versus a barbell? I find it cuts down on pain due to spreading the surface area of the weight. Lack of knurling is a plus as well.


Ah, cool. I really liked the way zerchers felt squat-wise too. Felt a lot more “natural”. They never really made it into the rotation besides the couple times I tried them out. Also makes a lot of sense with the stone work and your upper back.

And I also found that an axle works much nicer for zerchers than the bar, so that may be worth trying.

If you do end up getting a zercher harness, it’d be great if you updated this thread. If you find it works well, I may pick one up too.


I do use an axle and a special bar we have for zerchering. Both are at least 2" thick and I still get bruises and tissue pain. People already look at me funny when I get scratches from the stones lol.