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Zercher Carries

I just wanted to say thanks for bringing the ZERCHER variations to the limelight on this site! I started alternating zercher carries with loaded distance farmer walks EOD and my upper back and conditioning has been improving vastly, especially my traps. 4 rounds to end my session yesterday with 225 for 150 ft a set and feeling great today, LOL. Farmer walks tomorrow. I train EOD at the moment and a plan of zercher carries one session and farmer walks the other day I figure will be a great plan to achieving max yokeness

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Did 3 rounds yesterday to end and ramped the weight to 275 for 150 ft. BRUTAL but yet rewarding. Zercher Carries becoming a favorite lift, LOL

Yes Zercher’s are awesome. I like to do my Zercher carries with a strong man log. More challenging yet much easier on my elbows

I bet that is a challenge! how far do you usually walk? I have done 250 feet as a burn out and that distance was the sweet spot for me in terms of max distance on those. lungs, and upper back where on fire

That’s longer than I do. I use the carries more as a strength builder. I prefer to go heavier for shorter distances. A good rule of thumb is to use regular lifting sets as a base and using the 1 rep = 30 feet equivalency.

For example when lifting for strength we normally recommend 1 to 5 reps… so when doing carries for strength and some size 30 to 150 feet work best.

For size 180 - 300 ft, so you are right in that zone.

thanks coach! yes SIZE is my goal so I will continue with the longer distances

Last note! been doing farmer walks on the other day, either using my trap bar or handles. distance as well. have gone up to a tenth of a mile for max distance for a set. using straps of course and using a weight that makes it a challenge but not heavy enough in which I need to drop a few times. that time under tension is BRUTAL, LOL but a good brutal. keeping the traps shrugged high as much as I can. noticing a nice change in the YOKE rotating both lifts for the distance