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Zercher Carries


@ CT what are your thoughts on zercher carries?


I use it a lot with my clients, but with one dumbbell held the same way as in the video


thank you for the reply :slight_smile:


Since access to heavy dumbbells over 110 lbs let alone 120-150 lbs is rare for me I usually have to use a loaded short barbell (worse case an E-Z Bar) and hold it the same way as CT mentions in that video.


so would this be ok to replace yoke carries?
cant do yoke carries in my gym.
if so, how do ypu hold the ezcurl bar?
in the crook of your elbows?
seems like would be lot of stress on the arms .
ive been doin farmers with dumbells instead of yokes


Yes, I just hold either the short barbell or E-Z Bar in the crook of the elbows... you will get use to it. Gotta keep your elbows slightly up while squeezing the biceps and forearms together against the bar securing it so that the bar doesn't move and dig around too much.