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Zercher Box Squat with Deadlift Stance

Has anyone ever tried these I’ve taken last year off lifting and having a hard time getting motivated to het back to my original strength so I kind of just made up this lift and wondering if anyone has ever tried it? For the time being I’m just going to see how far I progress with it becasue it feels very good

Haven’t tried it but sure why not. Trains the muscles and movement. Most important thing is it gets you in the gym.

That’s what I was thinking having a very hard time gaining strength since I came off all these medications I was taking for years it screwed up my central nervous Was so hard to get anything going had to like trick myself into dong a weird lift just so I could make strength, now I’m back to having fun going to gym with lifts I never did before

If you really focus on keeping your knees back and begin the squat with the bar on pins at a point where your joint angles are similar to the start of a deadlift, it can be a nice way to train the DL without eating deep into your recovery reserves.