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Zercher as Primary or Accessory?

I’m brand new to zercher squats and I got to say, they live up to the hype! As a long limbed lifter, I really like them as accessory to improve my front squat. My question is simple, for someone brand new to Zercher squats, would you recommend Zerchers second as accessory to front squats, or Zerchers as primary and then ramp to front squats second? My goals are strictly physique oriented, while improving efficacy in the squat movement pattern overall.


I would only use Zerchers as a primary lift if the load you can use on them is close to, or superior to what you can lift in the front squat.

OR in some phases where you want to emphasize core strength.

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What approach do you prefer to fix a weakness that is highlighted by an assistance lift?

I’m a long-limbed lifter that nevertheless back squats (ego). My front squat is not proportional to my back squat, and my back squat isn’t readily diagnosed through this matrix from your article on client assessment

so I figured I’d bring my front squat up that suffers from form failure with upper back rounding and arms “dump” forward.

Would you prefer

  1. End each workout with the front squat as per another article of yours*
  2. On a U/L/U/L split train the front squat twice, once as a main lift and once as an accessory to the back squat. Conceivably using a tempo progression on at least one session. Maybe doing a low volume for the back squat (5/3/1)
  3. Continous ramp through zercher -> front squat -> back squat