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Zep's Personal Log

   I've decided to keep a log on what i eat and what I lift for the time being. my goal is to add some lean mass, whilest maintaining or lowering my bodyfat.

weight: 160.4 pounds
height 5'8" - 5' 9"


meal 1
serving of oatmeal
4 eggs

meal 2
2 bagels with cream cheese, 2 beef sticks (standardized testing, got really hungry for some reason, only intended to eat beef sticks)

meal 3:
protein shake (40 grams) and carrots

meal 4 wheat bagelwhich haha lots of these today for some reason.

meal 5: pork roast soup

meal 6: 20g proein in milk

meal 7: 3 servings of milk

clean n' jerk
set 1: 95 pounds x5
set 2: 105 pounds x5
set 3: 115 pounds x5
Set 4: 115 pounds x5
set 5: 125 pounds x5

Set 1: 65 poundsx5
Set 2: 85 poundsx5
Set 3: 85 poundsx5
Set 4: 85 poundsx5
set 5: 95 poundsx3

Hang clean
3 sets of 100 pounds

I'm relatively new to these lifts, so the numbers are still small. I usually eat sleaner then today. oh well, get back on it tomarow.


Sorry, due to time restraints I haven't been able to be on T-Nation much. Will post on this tomarow.


You might wish to keep a, as accurate as possible, calorie count with your food log.


Do you do power variations or full oly lifts?


I do the lifts like I see them on youtube :).


3 eggs
cup of oats
glass of water

meal 2:

meal 3
protein shake 20grams

meal 4: sandwhich corn beef and cheese on grain

workout at 3:00
40 grams protein imediately after

a can of chunky soup at 5:30 (suprisingly good nutrition facts)

WORKOUT (not in order):
Bench 155x5,160x5,165x5,170x4
Box squat: 185x5, 205x4(failed on last rep,225x3


really wide grip pullups:
(gonna add weight next time I do these.


The caloric intake needs to be consistent so you can adjust if necessary every few weeks. Me personally, I don't count calories accurately. As long as the macronutrient amounts are there (protein,carbs,fat) it doesn't really matter (IMO).

Why are you doing these powerlifts? From waht I understand you are not good at them. Why take them on now?

Each to their own on that one. Power lifts are not necessary to gain lean mass nor optimal (unless you can use them properly).

What'sup with all the bagels and sodium (beef) sticks man? Read Lonnie Lowery's and John Berardi's stuff on eating to get big.

I would advise to hold off on doing a lot of power movments until you are in a phase where you are not worried about the load and you can really practice (i.e. AA, maintenance phase etc.)


Wide grip pull ups suck. A wide grip will shift the emphasis from your lats to your rear delts and shortens the ROM considerably. Bring your grip in.


I see. Which vids? There are both power variations and full oly lifts there.



I can't seem to get down as far when catching the bar, working on that though



mea1:3 eggs/cup oats/water

meal2: protein shake

meal 3: sandwich with corned beef and cheese

meal 4: half protein shake

meal 5(post workot): other half of that protein shake

dinner:whole pizza :slightly_smiling: lol, I wiped the grease off. It was jsut sausage so it wasn' so bad

meal 6: tuna

meal 7: 3 glasses of milk


Clean n jerk

135x5( ripped my leg open, nealy fell out of the rack, bled everywhere, but I did it)

after that I was burnt the fuck out


(felt like I was gonna die, but it was a wierdlish good feeling)

hang cleans 115x5
couldn't move anymore weight. I was s oburnt from clean n jerkthat I could barely hang clean 35s. Best workout in a LONG time


today: all the same except 2x venison brats insead of the pizza. and no workout


I thought wide grip was to target your lats more?


tellig me to not deadlift is like asking me to put a gun to my head.


Workout today:

box squats (still below paralel)


Meal: same as last time, except sausages for dinner.