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Zenmed, Acne Treatment


Did anyone tryed zenmed, acne treatment. what's you success on the treatment??



I've never heard of zenmed before, but a few months ago the regimen on acne.org was recommended to me by another poster on this forum and it has worked tremendously.

I lived with moderate acne for more than 15 years, I tried everything short of accutane and nothing cleared it up completely until I tried the regimen they recommend.

The regimen is basically daily applications of a weak benzoyle peroxide gel. There are many brands available, I use the water based PanOxyl brand.

THe one BIG caveat with the use of the gel is that you must be careful to wash your hands thoroughly after you apply it and avoid rubbing your face on anything, because this stuff will bleach everything it touches. I have several t-shirts and towels that can attest to that fact....keep it out of your hair and eyebrows too....unless you want blonde highlights.





Hmmm, maybe it's because I've never rubbed it on clothes, but I've never bleached anything with the benzoyl peroxide I use. (Don't remember the brand name) Benzoyl Peroxide plus Tazorac is good stuff. I believe you need a prescription though.