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Zeitgeist The Movie

ok i found this video, well it came to me. ALright it is basically about what is gonna happend and has happend to the people of the world and mainly america in some parts…man we are controlled my little rich fags…

here just watch and tell everyone


I don’t get it.

what dont you get? did u watch it?

Yeah I did watch it. I actually did sit through the 2 hours, and I still don’t get it. I already knew about the whole ‘Federal Reserve Banking Cartel’ thing, I always knew that religion was bullshit, but the whole “Bush did 9-11” thing just screamed TIN FOIL HAT ALERT! at me.

What I don’t get is the whole, “we are all as one” thing.

[quote]skaz05 wrote:
What I don’t get is the whole, “we are all as one” thing.[/quote]

It’s simple! “We are all as one… to poop on.”

oh yea i dont get that too, i think its more of a moral sense, we are all human, so we should get along.