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Zeitgeist: Addendum

The latest Zeitgeist just came out about a week ago.


for those that have watched it, what are your thoughts?
and for those that havnt seen this or the first one–definately give it a chance. You dont have to believe any or all of it… but it will make you think.



I have seen the first one also and they are both very interesting, sure does get you thinking about things.

The Zeitgeist-movies are strange: They claim to oppose a New World Order of a banking cartell and discredit religion - and then the producer in addendum calls for a New World Order (but a “good” one") and prominently features Jiddu Krishnamurti, the “messiah” of the theosophic society.

It’s a cult movie.

But I the parts about the money-system are pretty good.

i will take action…you can choose to stay slaves

Yep, I have a very optimistic view of the potential (inevitable?) collapse. I want something new.

[quote]berislav wrote:
i will take action…you can choose to stay slaves[/quote]

It does seem like we all are in one way or another… A utopia like he insists occurs with the Venus Project are speculation as well.

The Fed does enslave us with debt and such, but what action should you choose to do something about it?

Well Jacques Fresco is open to dialogue. He’s said that he doesn’t know if this will work, but that he’s willing to try. He’s also said that he doesn’t think the venus project is perfect and that in fact the people of the future will find his buildings, designs and ideas constrictive and inadequate as technology is emergent.

As he puts it “an intelligent electrical engineer from 50 years ago couldn’t get a job today” meaning that our “intellectual materialism” is the stuff that’s holding us back. The belief that we’ve got it right and there’s no need to change it.

I really look forward to some kind of upgrade to the way we do things, which guaranteed will not be perfect. Then when we’re ready let’s upgrade again.

Have you eve heard of the saying: ‘Think globally, act locally!’?
That’s what you have to do? I’ve opened up a Zeitgeist Facebook Group for my country, and we’re going to help this homeless old lady get housing. Here’s the link if you don’t believe me.

It would be nice if some of you guys did the same in your community…stop being so apathetic and cynical.