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Hey guys, has anyone heard anything about a supplement called Zebutol put out by Zoe labs. Some feedback would be greatly appreciated,thanks.

Very hit or miss proposition. Zoe labs, Zoe discoveries, blue tabs, white tabs, sublinguals. You never know what you’ll get. Sometimes it worked, others - nothing. If you’ve got the real thing you’ll see roughly 10lbs of scale weight from a bottle. Takes about 3 weeks to kick in. Keep your protein high. Never noticed any side effects. Good luck and let me know if your source is selling the good stuff.

Thanks Mlxelflick
Have you ever tried zebutol or know of a reputable company I can get from,thanks again.

Yes, I’ve used it many times. Pinsonsfitness sells it, though I’m unsure of it’s quality. If you get good results, let me know. It’s been a year or so since I’ve last used it.

thanks, i’ll let you know how it is.

You can order directly from Zoe at their web site. They are using a liquid delivery system now, it appears. I have never tried it, but maybe I should.