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ZEB: Salads?


Zeb, I read some time ago, but was unable to find in the search, something you said about a raw vegetable salad that you eat which has done wonders for your health.
could you let me know:

  1. what vegetables and how much (serving size) you put in this salad.
  2. do you use any type of dressing

speak easy


Well I'm not Zeb, but here's my two-cents on this.

Green vegetables are outstanding - Broccoli, Spinach (especially), greens, asparagus, etc. Raw is better, steamed is ok. Drenched in butter or cheese is none too useful, but still better than deep-fried doughnuts.

Quantity - hard to overeat (but probably not impossible). How about aiming to get all your meal carbs from green veggies (excluding post-workout)? That would be a lot of veggies, but wouldn't be too much.

One tip: chew, chew and chew if you want the full benefit.

If you want to find out why veggies are so healthful, do a search online for body pH - veggies give an alkaline response in the body, which has tremendous health benefits. Some "experts" argue that an alkaline body cannot get sick. That seems a bit of s stretch to me: I don't necessarily subscribe to that theory, but I do agree with the trend.

There's the usual antioxidants, vitamins, fibre etc. benefits too of course.



thanks for the suggestions man!
I specifically was interested in a meal that Zeb himself makes. I realize all that you said about veggies is the truth, but he talked about a salad that he specifically made. I know he said it was a bunch of raw veggies mixed together, I was just wondering how he stomached it.


The alkaline/acid theory of disease is made up to boost sales of crap on infomercials and has no basis in medical fact. If you heard this quackery from the likes of Kevin Trudeau or other fraudulent snake oil salesmen, be warned.


NOt sure exactly the post which you are referring to. However, one of my favorite salads, and one which seems to give me an energy boost:

Tomato, broccoli, carrot, spinach and celery.

I use a light Italian dressing.

Give it a try.


What makes you say acid balance is rubbish? Many foods, particularly animal protein and some grains are known to be acidic in nature, and this has been proven by ash residue research! Berradi is a big believer in this if I'm not mistaken, and recommends taking green food supplements with protein shakes.


I also add to what Zeb has. green Peppers brocili, green onion, Jalpeno, cucumber, Really any good green veggie.

Filling and full of fiber and micronutrients.


haha, I didn't realize this was an old thread, and I responded with the same thing! Then I looked up and said "oh I see someone already covered this....wait, it was ME!"