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Zdeno Chara - Boston Bruins


6 foot 7, 250 pounds

At the Bruins strength testing session, busted out 31 consecutive wide grip pullups.



That's amazing, but at that height are you sure his feet left the floor?


hockey players are really are underrated in terms of strength. i've read stories of jaromir jagr doing squats for reps in the double digits with 400+ lbs.


When they do their spinning sessions, he has to have a custom made bike because he is such a giant! I remember a few years ago when he rag dolled McCabe, fuck this guys a beast!


I saw him in an interview years ago and a reporter asked him about his lower body strength and he replied "sqvawts...lots and lots of sqvawts"


no kidding.

i worked for a junior hockey team for about three years. those kids had sick wheels. they didn't look like much until you saw them in shorts. ridiculous size to some of those kids legs...and most of them were only 17-20 year olds!


I was in the bar at JFK years ago waiting for my flight and this very famous hockey player sits next to me. I was shocked but managed a conversation with him for about 10 minutes. This guy was wearing a suit had HUGE thighs, just all muscle.

They are probably the best all around conditioned athletes.



Hockey players are kinda out of shape as a whole actually

I have problems believe the thing about Jagr

I am glad this thread is on the first page in any case.