Zane, Staley, and WS4

so, thanks to team Staley, im sitting here, listening to a conference call between multi-olympia winner Frank Zane and strength coach Charles Staley.

I even got to say hi to Frank at the start of the call, and ask him a few questions, and at the end Charles is opening it up for questions.

Nothing else to say, im just pumped that i just spoke to Frank Zane.


That’s awesome! Any highlights from what Zane had to say? Staley’s program is great and he’s a class act.

Zane’s response to why he doesnt do any work on swiss balls…

“because in my gym we dont have any balls” (pause, realized what he’s said, then laughs)

The guy is really impressive, he still, at the age of 65 is in the gym four days a week, and recently dieted down to near contest shape for a magazine shoot. And the kicker is that he does this ever fall.

I got to hear he and Charles discuss training, nutrition, and the state of bodybuilding today, and on top of that, i got to hear stories about Weider, Arnold, Mentzer and Jones, and about how Frank got into the sport, so im feeling pretty lucky right now.

Frank is going to be putting up his new pictures over at his site, very soon, so i suggest anybody thats a fan go check them out.