Zack Snyder Off Justice League

So, while I feel horrible about the circumstances (his daughter committed suicide), hearing Josh Whedon taking the helm, after 3 sets of reshoots, might be a good thing…?


Saw this yesterday, very sad.

IIRC Justice League is in post production so I’m not sure Whedon will have a huge effect on the film.

I don’t play many video games, but at the insistence of a few of my students, I watched the youtube video of the new Injustice 2 game. Just like a few Comic book fan sites have been saying, the guys behind this game should be making the DCEU movies.


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I think it may be too late in the game for Whedon’s touch to come through and save a Zack Snyder shitfest. There will probably just be some dumb Whedon level jokes added.

They talked about this Wednesday on the radio. Apparently, they’re reshooting some stuff.

Whedon was originally added on as like a supplemental guy to help add a little flare, then when Snyder stepped down they handed him the reigns. Probably won’t make that big of a difference.

I was also very sorry to hear about Snyder’s daughter. His wife was one of the producers, I think, and they both stepped down after that.