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Zack Morris's Welcome Log

Thanks for looking.

I’m new to T-Nation, not new to weightlifting. After receiving my Undergrad in Kinesiology I’ve been very excited for training. I’ve been anxious to apply what I paid to learn.

I was comfortably weightlifting over 2011 in the winter and spring at about 180 lbs, testing out some of what I learned. Then in the summer I had to move and sell a house. No training got done for a few months simply because of circumstance. I whittled away to the low 160s and felt terrible. Then in the fall I was able to get after it again and got some good lifting in, made up what I lost.

Over the fall was the first time I actually planned out what I wanted to do, real periodization. My only goal was to get back to 180 lbs and start getting respectable strong again (struggling with 155 is humiliating). I started with some general prep to get ready for the transformation. Then after getting comfortable with exercising and weights again, I hit it hard.

So I have 2 months worth of filled out training logs. One is a pic and I’m gonna throw it up here. It’s the second part of a 2 month bulking, from 10/31/2012-12/2/2012. I went from high 170s to low 190s over this span. The first log is the rest of October, and it’s where I got my strength back. It’s in excel format and I did it poorly so it’s a pain in the ass to work with right now. November is a pic so it was really easy.

Anyways, November was awesome. I got a lot of training in and really swelled up nicely. I was able to get in work with Olympic Lifts most of the week too to help nail down form. I’m currently working on core strength and hip strength. I’m trying to take a download from the last few months when I hit it hard. It’s been busy too with the holidays and such, so the timing was pretty nice.

But the best part of the download is when you start to get that itch again. That itch to laugh at weight you thought was heavy.

October’s log is in 5 parts for 5 days of the week

Chest Day

Back Day

Shoulder Day

Leg Day

Sorry to post this all in a jumbled order. Just got excited to throw it all up there.

Popped my hip getting out of bed this morning. It’s right in the Iliofemoral joint so it’s uncomfortable to sit or stand. Taking the day off.

Planning on doing Rock Climbing at an indoor facility in town tomorrow for a few hours for exercise. Sunday will be an off day, and Monday will be back to training regularly 5x a week.

Hoping this injury doesn’t push me back.

This attached workout is a 2 week workout for developing power. After all the heavy lifting done in the past few months I wanted to change it up and try something different that would still help develop overall strength as well. That attached pic is the workout, and the next pic is the numbers and other stuff that was done as well.

This workout was great but took a while to do. I had the time but it was a solid 1.5 hours to get done, something I usually try to avoid.

I wasn’t planning on displaying this on the internet when I made it either, so again sorry it’s not exactly great for someone else to look at. I’m working on solution for documenting workouts better.

These are the numbers and dates that correspond to the workouts from the previous post.

The prowler workout refers to a workout done with a prowler. Pushing a prowler with 90 lbs loaded on and wearing a 40 lb vest you tried to get as many laps of 40 yds as you could in 1 hour. It sounds easy but is really tough. My best was 20.

The leg circuit is a workout done after my grueling workouts from Oct where I was sore immediately afterwards a for days afterwards. This circuit consisted of 5 195 lb squats then pushing a prowler w/ 45 lbs loaded 20 yds down and back and then resting for 1 min. That is one rep, and you do 10 reps. Then you hustle over to a leg press w/4 bands and 200 lbs loaded and do as many reps as you can, removing a band then proceeding to do as many as possible again until no bands remain and none can be done. Then there was some light stuff afterwards. It was really brutal but insanely satisfying, real mental toughness days.

Wasn’t able to go rock climbing yesterday because of my hip. It was precautionary because there was still discomfort. Today it felt great and went rock climbing. The rock climbing gym has dumbbells and some other basic equipment there so was able to get a quick arm pump in.

Over the last few days I’ve been trying to decide where to go next in regards to training. I’ve taken a good month or so working on work capacity, and over the last 2 weeks or so I’ve gotten in a few eccentric workouts. They’ve gone well, but are very exhausting mentally. next week I think i want to try some eccentric mixed with some GVT as a last hoorah in this phase. I think I’ll structure it as follows:

4 weeks GVT - 1. Eccentric/isometric phase, 2. isometric phase, 3. isometric/concentric phase, 4. concentric phase

10 sets consisting of one movement for :10 or as long as possible followed by 2:00 of rest. I haven’t written it out but it’ll probably look like squat, bench, pull up, and dead lift. The weight is going to be super heavy. I’ll see what type of weight I can handle for 10 rounds, it will probably fluctuate, although I’ve been doing all workouts with 1:00 rest the last month and I’m giving myself 2:00 so I should bounce back between rounds quickly. I’d really like to eccentrically move into a position I can isometrically hold for another few seconds. This should take roughly 30 minutes.

Focusing on one movement to do eccentrically looks like the best way to go, followed by some accessory lifts done normally. I should be exercising 4-5 days per week and an extra workout i can throw in can be endurance.

This should be a grueling cycle and I hope I can finish it properly. It seems like a good way to work on proper form and identifying weak spots. When I get it written out I’ll throw it up here.

Did day 1 of the 4 day cycle. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.


Ecc Squat GVT 10 sets, 1 rep, :10 ecc/iso 2;00 rest start with 245 lbs, end with 285
Hip Thrusters 3x5 100 kg, 120 kg 2x; 90s rest
GH Curls 3x5 BW 90s rest
1 leg hip ups 2x10 BW 90s rest
Reverse GH 3x5 90 lbs 60s rest
Calf Raise 3xAMAP 290 lbs 20,16,15 60s rest
on leg press
Finished with 6x15 of low/mid back work

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. The 2:00 rest was great as I was lifting as soon as it was 2:00. The part that is the most sore is my back and butt. The iso holds were stressful on the lower back, something I was hoping to achieve. hopefully this will lead to a stronger posterior chain, including the glutes and hammies. After watching the “So you think you can squat” vids on youtube I’m really trying to identify weak spots in my form so I can get up more weight. I think lifting with a belt or knee wraps is for super maxing or for pussies, so everything I do is raw.

I like this workout, but it’s not as grueling as I thought. It took roughly 1 hour from start to finish, so I’m happy about that.

Overall I’ll say 7.5/10. Hoping for a 9/10 tomorrow . . .

Performed the upperbody workout 1 for today.

Ecc Inc Bench 10 x :10 2:00 Rest
155 3x, 165 2x, 175 1x, 185 3x, 195 1x.
2 pullup sets AMAP 90s rest 10,7
DB OH Press 3x5 90s rest 55 lbs(3S 3/5)
2 REVGRP Pull up AMAP 90s rest 9, 6
DB Press 3x5 90s rest 70 lb 3x

 - I used the incline to get more work for the shoulder in while still challenging the pec. It was best for efficiency, and it worked well. Turns out you can use a lot more weight than you think you can. I probably could have started at 195 and performed them all. Great note for next time.

This was a good workout. Left with a little gas in the tank, but I don’t want to overdo this because it’s going to put wear and tear on my CNS. I need to finish the cycle, not hate myself for making it in a week or two. This would be pretty good for an in season team.

I’ll also mention that I typically warmup with some moderately heavy power cleans. Once I get a few sets in I’ll do some light dynamic stretching, usually trying to open up my hips. I do this everyday. No more than 10 minutes and only do a few sets of 5 with 50-60 kg. It’s all an effort to nail down proper technique. Once I’m all ready to go I’ll load up 70-80 kg and give it a go, but rarely.

Tomorrow is a bunch of dead lifts so I’m looking forward to that. I imagine sitting into a deadlift will be satisfying