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Zack McCarley- America's Strongest Man Under 105K



Formerly Zack Nims


Nice lifting man! Just curious, what's up with the name change?


McCarley is my Dad's last name.


That's cool. Again, nice lifting. Looked like they were running things a bit sloppy this year. Were they just not organized?


They had 176 competitors. Literally the largest contest ever put on anywhere in the world at anytime. I think it was ran pretty well. there were only one of two hiccup I was aware of.


I know of at least 3 (possibly 4) scoring errors - two of which were corrected before the end of the banquet - but this was an extremely well run show. I believe they got approx 80 175s, 200s and 231s through 4 events in 4 hours. I know local shows with a quarter that many competitors that couldn't do it that fast. There is definitely more to a show than how fast it gets done, but Nats '10 and '11 are two of the best-run contests I've ever been to.


Glad to hear it went that well. I didn't realize it was that big of a field!


I like that you added this...

Nice work and congratulations once again! Looking forward to competing with you again in the future and seeing you do some damage at the Arnold this year.

(This is Tom Mutaffis - just in case the camo shorts didn't give it away).


HAHAHA! Nice, thanks. I'll try and rep us LWs.