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Zack Khan - Injured Man Walking


Don't laugh at the way he talks because English is not his first language and I am not even sure he could speak it at all a few years ago.

He sounds really depressed.


He's going in for surgery again because of some infection in his knee.



Sounds really tough, you're on your way to one hell of a bodybuilding career and get slammed with an injury. Good to hear that he's not giving up. But that was brutal to listen to, I'm sure it's hard to find your words in an unfamiliar language and while depressed.


So he got an infection in his knee due to something that happened during surgery or recovery? Terrible situation to be in.

Edit: Didn't see Austin's post before replying.


It's actually pretty common. Staph infections are most likely. Any surgery is a risk.

These guys put everything into this so an injury like this can be pretty traumatizing. You often don't hear much about these guys after things like this happen. For instance, has anyone even heard a recent update about Orville Burke after his surgery complications?

From what I've seen over the years, bodybuilders and surgery do not go hand in hand.


Nothing worse than listening to a guy who sounds like he's almost given up on a dream. Good luck to him on his recovery.


That fucking sucks. I can almost relate since my knee didn't recovery from my February surgery. I couldn't even watch the whole video. It made me feel that uncomfortable. If my career was dependent on 100% recovery as in his case, I can't imagine how much worse I would feel. Good luck to him and I hope for the best in his next surgery.


I can't watch the video at work. What exactly does he need done?


I saw his early recovery video blogs a while ago and it just motivates you too train harder and be grateful for all the small things in life. I mean the guy was on the cusp of living the dream and some shit like this happens to such a decent, well grounded and humble man that I personally admire!

The video of him with Dorian going over poses blew my mind and to go from that to this is just so terrible!


At least he was able to snag his pro card and get some nice sponsorships before his injury. I imagine the financial concerns would have been a hell of a lot worse had that not worked out in such a timely manner.



Hard times. I feel depressed just listening to him.

Khan has infinite potential, and I wish him the quickest and best recovery possible.


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Wow, for once the Internet led to something good.

Would be cool if you get some pictures for the site.


What a legend you are!


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very cool. Keep us in the loop BBB!



Very cool, BBB.

Glad to see someone who cares enough to act on it.


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It's good to know that people like you exist BBB, because the world can seem full of shit sometimes. Awesome!