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Zack de la Rocha


Is this guy going to come out with any new solo stuff? I remember someone telling me a few years back that he was coming out with cd with cameos with Rob Zombie and DMX, but nothing yet. Anyone hear anything??


What a great voice to be heard. Bow down to Zach. Few people will ever stand up and scream what needs to be heard and do it with talant.

Thanks Zack

-Rage fan for life


Rage was my first favorite band, and they still are.

ZDLR's album has supposedly been almost finished for a couple of years. Who knows if it'll ever see the light of day. He did do a song with Roni Size & Reprazent a few years ago called 'Center Of The Storm.' I recommend finding it. If that's what his solo stuff was going to sound like...man.


His most recent stuff is with DJ Shadow.

Yea, I've heard too that he's been working on some material for 4+ years...


I don't know when he's coming out with anything new.

I do however still bump Rage's first album (and sometimes evil empire) loudly while I squat in my basement.

Another Rage fan for life!


You simply cannot beat "Killing in the name of"


I'm a huge rage fan, and I haven't heard anything either.

Renegades of Funk, great cd

I mean come on the cover Bob Dylan.

How great is that.


I heard that he recently joined Guns 'n Roses :wink:


I almost hope that Zach doesn't come out with any solo stuff.

Rage Against the Machine was the perfect band at the perfect time and he was the perfect front man for that band. I don't think there's any way he could possibly approach his previous level. If you have their DVD you can even see how Rage becomes more "polished" in their live act as the years went on. When they first came out they just went apeshit on stage but after a few years, while they were probably better musically, they were just very slight, almost imperceptable notch down on the intensity scale.

"How long? Not long! Cause what you reap, is what you sow!!"


I heard on the radio a couple weeks ago that his album is slated to come out this spring. I think they have been saying that for a couple years now, but still...


Zach's album and Chinese Democracy from the new Guns are two albums I've been waiting a few years for, I dont know if either will ever make it to light.


A couple years ago, he did a song with Trent Reznor for Fahrenheit 9/11.
Back in January (this year), he turned down an offer to be singer for the legendary Bad Brains.


I wish he was still with Rage...this country needs bands like them carrying the message.


Damn, that coulda been sweet.


RATM fan for life here.

Check out At the Drive-In

The Mars Volta

and Sparta

These bands would not be around if not for RATM...Their music shows the influence and is just awesomely good.


Really? See I heard Zack and Phil Anselmo were going to do a duet album.


I have an mp3 of a song he did w/ KRS-ONE and another guy since RATM ended. Think the project was called CIA. Never heard anything else from it / about it.

Altho there isn't much news, here is his site:



Rage for Lifer here too.

Loved At The Drive In....
LOVE ... Sparta in car cd player 80% of time, when not Emery.

HATE The Mars Volta

No one can ever replace rage....Audioslave sucks my ass. Rage - Zack = crap.





I agree here too, but let's make sure we're clear... the other three ex-members of Rage are just as bad-ass as Zach, IMO. Unfortunately, I can't totally agree with their current musical direction. An it could all be their decision to go with Chris Cornell. I had heard a rumor prior to this incarnation that either Mike D or Adrock from the Beastie Boys might be jamming with them. I dunno, that may have been cool... cooler than Cornell, IMO...

RATM was unstoppable together. Apart, I dunno.

Same goes for what ever Zach plans on doing. Obviously it isn't going too great, since no progress has been made...