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Zach Log 2: HLM Meat & Potatoes Lifts

Monday 10-1-12


Deadlift: 135x10; 225x10; 245x10; 275x10 ~ 225x2 ~ 1 set abs
Leg Press: 180x12; 270x12; 360x12; 450x12 ~ 180x11 (no lockout)
Leg Extension: 3 sets x10; x15; x25
Prone Leg Curl Machine: 70x8; x8
Bench (Incline Machine): 85x10; 160x10; 205x10
Seated Row Machine: 190x10; 210x10; 235x9

Wednesday 9-3-12


Leg Press: 90x15; 180x15; 270x15; 360x15; 410x15
Leg Ext: Unilateral: x8; x12
DB Leg Curl: 50x15; 50x15
DB Flat Bench: 70x10 ~ Flies x10
Long Pulley Row: 85x12; 100x12; 130x12~CGPD 130x10

Friday 9-5-12


**The last two posts should of said 10 instead of 9 for the month

Monday 10-8-12


Deadlift: 135x10; 225x10; 275x10; 295x10 (PR); 225x10
Leg Press: 180x12; 270x12; 360x12; 450x12; 180x12 (No Lockout)
Seated Leg Curl Machine: Unilateral L: 55x10; R: 55x10; L: 55x10; R: 55x10; L 55x5
Flat DB Bench: 70x10; 80x10; 80x10
Seated Row Machine: 190x10; 220x10; 235x10

Wednesday 10-10-12


Leg Press: 90x15; 180x15; 270x15; 360x15; 450x15
Leg Ext: (Unilateral): R: 70x12; 55x8 L: 70x12; 55x8 Bilateral Switching Leg Each Rep: 70x50
Seated Leg Curl: (Unilateral) L: 55x15; 55x10; R: 55x15; 55x10
Bench: 135x12; 145x12; 165x12 (coulda done more weight)
Seated Row: 175x12; 190x12; 220x12 ~ CGPD

Thursday 10-11-12


Decided to go for another wed-thursday sesh like I did two weeks ago and then just fuckin heal up over the weekend. Didn’t have as much in me as I did two weeks ago, but I feel good.

Deadlift: 135x5; 225x5; 275x5; 315x5; 335x5 (less than 2 weeks ago, but my ass was super sore from wed.)
Front Squat: Just used bar and did a few reps, trying to see how hard its going to be to get my flexibility right to incorporate these.
Leg Press LF: 90x5; 270x5; 360x5; 450x5; 590x5
Incline Bench: 135x5; 185x3 ~ Flies
Long Pulley Row: 145x5; 160x5; 175x5; 190x5; 205x5 ~ CGPD (USE MORE THAN 85, it just turned into cardio)

***I have grown fond of going real deep on my leg presses, Like I dont’ even use a guard I just go to the bottom of the track most of the time, but that is really working my posterior chain and I feel I wanna bring my quad strength up, So I have decided that when I say Leg press LF that is going to mean I am putting my feet more towards the bottom of the platform and I’m using the lowest catch so that I am isolating my quads more. I can Actually push more weight like this, probably mostly because I’m not going those last 4 inches or whatever.
DB Press: 90x5; 100x5; 100x5 ~ Flies

Monday 10-15-12


Deadlift: 135x10; 225x10; 275x10; 300x10
Leg Press LF: 90x10; 180x10; 270x10; 360x10
UniLateral SLC: 70x12; 55x12; (Left Leg Extra Set: 55x8)
SLE: 70x10; (L. Extra Set: 70x8)
Bench: 135x5; 155x10; 170x10; 155x11
Incline Machine: 1 set
SR: 190x12; 205x12; 235x10 ~ CGPD: 115x6

Thursday 10-18-12


***I was high as a kite and I went to the “Iron Pit” this day to see if I like it enough to be willing to pay 30/month instead of going to the SRSC. I was sucking hard at Deadlift.
***The leg press machine is very different from the SRSC one.

Deadlift: 135x5; 225x5; 275x5; 315x3
Leg Press LF: 200x8; 400x5; 600x5
Sled “Front Squat”: 0x5; 90x5; 140x5; 180x5; 270x10
Bench: 135x5; 160x5; 185x5; 205x5; 225x3
Pulley Row: 2 sets, don’t even know, I quit writing shit down cuz this workout was getting crappy

@ SRSC later that night…

Bench: 135x10; 155x10; 170x10; 185x11 ~ Incline Machine: 1 set

Monday 10-22-12


***Idk why I was so tired today, my weights kinda were about to suck regardless so I just decided to focus on form more than anything. Especially on Front squats because I’m not even flexible enough to do them right yet.

Front Squats: 45x8; 95x5; 95x2
Deadlift: 135x10; 225x10; 245x6; 275x10
Leg Press: 180x12; 270x12; 360x12; 450x12
Seated Machine LC: (Unilateral) 40x10; 40x5; 40x7
Bench: 135x10; 160x10; 185x9
Long Pulley Row: 190x10; 145x5; 130x7

Wednesday 10-24-12


Front Squat: 65x5; 95x10; 135x6; 135x5; 185x3
Leg Press LF: 180x15; 270x15; 360x15; 450x15; 450x18
Bench: 135x12; 150x12; 165x12
Long Pulley Row: 3 shitty sets

That evening…

Deadlift: 135x15; 185x10; 225x15
DBLC: 60x15; 60x3
Sit ups: 1 set
CGPD: 130x10 (Slow)

Thursday 10-25-12


Deadlift: 135x5; 225x5; 275x5; 315x5; 345x5 (PR)
Leg Press LF: 180x5; 270x5; 450x5; 540x5; 630x4
Sled “Front” Squat: 90x10; 180x10
Prone Leg Curls: 60x10; 90x10; 150x6 ~ Partials
Bench: 135x5; 160x5; 185x5; 205x5; 225x5
Tbar: 135x5; 180x5; 225x5; 235x5; 235x6 ~ Machine Flies ~ Plated Bi-Lateral Rows (1 set) ~ CGPD 1 set
Face Pulls: 2 sets


Monday 10-29-12


Deadlift: 135x10; 225x10; 245x10; 275x10; 295x10
Front Squat: 135x3; 135x5; 135x3
Sled/Mach. Front Squat: 230x5; 180x10
Leg Press: 180x12; 360x12; 500x6
SLC: 55x10; 70x10 ----Ham/Glute: 45x10; 45x10
Bench: 135x10; 165x10; 185x11
Tbar: 90x5; 135x10; 180x10; 205x8 ~ CGPD ~ LPR

Tuesday 10-30-12


Front Squat: 135x6; 135x10; 135x8
UniLat SLC: 55x12; 55x12
Sled “Front Squat”: 90x15; 110x15; 110x15
Bench: 135x12; 135x8; 135x9 ~ Flies 2 sets
CGPD: 85x30; 100x8; 85x5; 85x5

Okay, I’ve decided I’m going to just stop posting on this log and start putting it in an excel worksheet.