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'Zac Efron Shows Off His Muscular Physique'


Dude is "Full House"

Hello girls! Zac Efron shows off his muscular physique in a tight white T-shirt on the set of his new film Townies




Dat mass



Who the fuck is Zac Efron


Only the swolest, most full housest mofo on the planet.


He is a pro bodybuilder from the netherlands.


Is he married to that guy from 21 jump street?


This link took me to some pretty dark, chthonic places.


Does not compute.


Dude, that IS a muscular physique - to 13 year old girls.


Sigh its okay it will come to you.


I thought you meant this guy.


Lol this is a site of 20 year olds SS, they have no clue that this was a remake


Nuh uh, I knew cuz my dad told me.



Depp, Grieko; Grieko, Depp!


I had to look up "chthonic"


You guys have me in stitches.

My daughter who is now 12 grew up on High School Musical, I hate that crap. We watched all three movies as they premierred on Disney Channel. I am so glad I have 2 boys now in the house. Just watching those movies sucked the masculinity out of me.

Zac need's one more piece of information. "Milk and Squats, Milk and Squats!!!"


AHAHHAHA this thread is golden.