Z12 Supplement Question

Would you recommend Z12 for somebody who has not more then 6 and a half hours to sleep, each night ? I recently had to pick up a job where i , albeit not working more then 11hrs a day, but because of a divided schedule, i can rarely get more then 6&1/2hrs of sleep.
Luckily that is only for the next few months, but until then i need to manage to survive somehow.

So, would you recommend Z12 for me? Or is that only a supplement for somebody with a halfway normal day to day life… ?

As a Z12 user i would say definitely yes use it. However, it says no hangover affect but I am definitely more apt to wake up and go back to sleep when I use it. One of the benefits to working 2nd shift i suppose. Anyway you will definitely feel more rested with those 6 hours of sleep when you use it. It will be a solid 6 hours every time.

Oh, thank you. And is it hard to wake up? I dont mean to get up and going, but to literally wake up. Will i need a megaphone tucked to my alarm clock, or ? I usually wake up very easy, no matter the amount of sleep i get.

I average about 5 1/2 hours sleep per night on the weekdays. I have been using Z-12 for about three months. I like it because i certainly sleep more soundly when I do take it. Z-12 does not make me sleepy like a sleeping pill will but I also don’t feel groggy when I wake up. great supp!

As a Z12 user, I never experienced any issues regarding getting up in the morning. The second my alarm goes off, I wake up and get up. No need to even use the snooze.