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Z Suit for Deadlifting

I heard you can use a z suit for deadlift i thought that was a squat suit from inzer if you can use it shit ill just get it rather than spend 150 on the max dl

You can pull in just about any squat suit but the carryover will not be as geat as a suit designed specifically for pulling. For what it’s worth the Z-Suit is not much of a squat suit so I wouldn’t expect much in the way of deadlifting.

The max daedlift will probably give you more carry over, although I’ve never used it.

Yes, many people use the same suit to squat/pull in.

What form do you use, sumo or conventional? Sumo won’t work so well with a max DL (unless there’s a sumo version).

I believe that most of the people who use a squat suit to deadlift will wear it backwards; this changes the geometry of the suit to make it more favorable for pulling.

With regard to the Z-Suit, it is pretty much an entry level single ply poly that you should not expect much carryover from. My first suit was an Inzer Champion that I picked up for $25 off ebay I believe. It worked well for keeping me tight and helping me learn how to use a suit but probably did next to nothing in terms of increasing numbers.

Some of the Titan suits may be a bit more cost effective but the MaxDL is definitely a worthwhile suit. I have a lot of friends who have gotten 40+ lbs carryover from it.

We squat and pull in Centurions. The difference is we pull in NGX+ Centurions (as opposed to Super+ because it is too stiff). We order them special and alter them differently.

Basically, a squat suit is longer and more narrow, and a DL suit is shorter and a little wider, when laid on top of each other. (Tighter hips vs. tighter straps.

What is more important is how the suit is set up.

If you pull sumo and can tolerate tight straps you can get 60-80#'s out of it with some work.

I had one lifter that got 100#'s out of a suit. However, she pulled fast attack and could tolerate ridiculously tight straps. Like so tight I would skin my knuckles putting them on.

IRT a z-suit, tighten the hell out of the straps and set it up right and I don’t see why you can’t get decent carry over. You want more elasticity in a DL suit, anyway.

I easily got 80#'s out of a z-suit when squatting (years ago). I always laugh when I hear people say not to expect much. It is such a comparative statement. If you compete in a fed that allows 2x briefs and canvas, obviosly you are bringing a cap gun to a fire fight. However, for your first couple of geared meets, if you can find one for cheap, it’s not a bad way to go.

The thing is, you have to wear it tight as hell to make it work The z-lock is effective but you have to be OK with welts on your legs and some pretty serious work to get it on.

How you pull, is an important consideration, though.