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Z-Mass vs Z-Mass PM

hello im just wondering which is a better product or if they are just a load of BS. i know that its not one of your products but i am wondering if you guys have any experience with cyclo z-mass and z-mass pm and which one is better than the other. thanks CHRIS

All you need is straight cheap ZMA.

Yup. Just regular Zinc, Magnesium, and B6. Biotests is Excellent, as well as GNCs stuff. They are the same price. I looked at some of the more expensive ZMA type products and found that most of them contained calcium!!! And we all know calcium limits zinc absorption. So not only are those products more expensive, but it would be an educated guess to say that they are less effective as well.

Calcium in the presence of phytates limits zinc absorbsion, not just calcium

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