Hey guys,
I stumbled upon this mobility training “system” called Z-Health(www.zhealth.net). It claims to improve your coordination, quality of movement, and overall movement patterns by “targeting the CNS”. Anyone tried it? If not, what do you think? Worth a shot???

Definitely. I bought it. improves performance. Won’t remove soft tissue damage, but makes everything fire together better. And you just feel good when you complete the very simple exercises.

Cool, sounds good. Which one did you get?
On their site they have the R-Phase, I-Phase, the 2 warm-up programs, and the package deals… I’m guessing I should just go with the R-Phase(appears to be the “starter kit”).
Also, where did you notice increased performance? Just all over, or in any specific areas? Also, do you notice improved posture or form in every day activities or athletic movements???
Sorry for all the ‘technical’ questions, just trying to learn. Well, thanks for your time, and sounds good so far.

Got the R-phase.

All over. If done just before PL’ing things line up better. Not big jumps in weight, but fewer sticky spots getting it up there.

Basically you’re improving neural transmission throught the joints. You’re also retraining the body map in the brain. We get into stereotypical postures during the day (f’rinstance, I work on computer all day) - the R-phase exercises bring the body’s neural map back into alignment. Sounds like science fiction or happy feel bullshit, but it works. the more you do it the more it works.

I think I like it…

There are exercises for the whole body. Takes about 3 minutes to do once you learn it. Do it periodically throughout the day and you just feel better in the joints.