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Z Health Joint Mobility System

Damn, I’m filled with all sorts of Bootcamp excitement. One of the presenters, Dr. Cobb presented his Z-health method at Bootcamp last weekend. It was a pretty cool concept, as most lifters focus on musclular strength / growth / performance. But we often neglect exercising the joint and expanding it’s range of motion, which is as important to dynamic performance as muscular exercise.
So, using everyone’s new personal superhero Dan John, he showed how using a couple quick, simple Z-health movements, you can improve form and function of your exercise movements (in this case a sand bag shoulder press).

I was sold. I knew Coach Josh Henkin was touting the Z-Health System as it helped him regain lost performance. I lost quite a bit of flexibility and ROM due to an overuse injury a few months ago, and all of my gym progress stopped and receeded. I also have a very sedentary job (sitting at a design terminal cranking out 3-d models) for 60 hours a week.

So, I have only been at it for a couple days, but I did notice that after performing the wrist / hand movements on the plane ride home, my hands feel like a TON of pressure has been relieved. I know using the computer has trained my hands to default to a ‘reflexive position’. I even noted a couple months ago that when I would go to bed, my hands and wrists would curl up. The first night after stretching, my fingers were naturally splayed outward. It is my second day into it and now my wrist is a bit sore (maybe I have been overdoing the wrist motions). But I can see expanding the ROM of the wrist and fingers to be incredibly helpful as far as relieving the built up stress of office life (ie maybe even carpal tunnel).
Yesterday before work, I did the full compliment of R-phase movements and just felt good.

I’ll post up some results as I continue on with the program.

Anyone else ever tried it? If so, post your experiences. I think it could become an incredibly valuable tool. And it trains you to protect your joints yourself, rather than having to pay a chiropractor to adjust you weekly. . . .the whole teach a man to fish thing. . . .

okay. Im done.