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Z-Good Mornings/Deadlifts

I am trying to increase my deadlift, are these exercises good for developing PC strength? And do they have any value as an assistance exercise?

Thanks in advance

PC strength = Posterior Chain? If so then yes, tremendous exercises for the PC. I use them for both accessory as wella as focus lifts.

In Faith

They are good, no question. Personally, I like the Glute Ham machine. I saw an serious increase in my PC strength after a few months.

Those are both great movements for the PC. You might also try different DL variations, SLDLs, Dimels, and high rack pulls. Pull throughs help build the PC as well. As for GMs, full range is great but arched back GMs work very good as well.

Are you referring to Z-goodmornings as zercher goodmornings? I find regular goodmornings to be a better PC exercise.

Yeah that what I am refering to I used to do these a lot, and could and still can do a lot more (50 lbs) than I can with a regular good mornings, just wondering if anyone had similar experances. And besides these exercises are fun, and make people at the gym look at you weird.