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z good morning vs the regular good morning

Would the zecher Good morning be a good sub for Good mornings on ME squat day? The only reason i ask is that I am trying to get better at the stones and it seems that Zechers are more closely related to lifting stones than traditional good mornings.
Thanks in advance

thats a cool idea wild, sounds good.

just an idea, this duffel bag i filled with 180lbs of sand, and if i seel it off real tight with some rubber bands so there is no slack, it looks just like a stone! a big, round, sand stone :slight_smile: and all the movements mimic a stone lift/run/placing it… cheap too, 20$+6$ of sand. just an idea (thats of course if you dont wanna buy stones)


iamnobody: great minds think a like. I have a duffle bag fill with a bunch of (5 or 6) 50 lb sand bags!!! I love it I can’t wait untill tommorow morning to load that bitch on top of a trash can!!!


here something else you can try…

i use a heavy duty 5 foot sand filled punch bag and drape chains over each end (like you would do for bench or squat)

set up is a bitch though… what i usually do is centre it on the end of a flat bench (so it runs perpendicular to the bench)

i like it becuase i can really crush the bag and it seems a more real world movement compared to the bar…

i have no idea what the bag + chains weigh at the top, but last week i set a new reg Zercher PR at 500lbs so i guess it works